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St Thomas More Catholic Primary School

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Social Distancing & School Timings

Dear Parents / Carers,




As you will be aware from Government announcements this week, there is deep concern over the rising number of Coronavirus cases, particularly amongst younger adults.  The Prime Minister has announced the ‘Rule of 6’ where there should be no gatherings, indoors or outside, of more than  6 people.


Within the school building we are still permitted to have larger groupings and I would like to reassure you that we have measures in place to mitigate the Covid 19 risk.  Rates of infection within schools still remains very low.


However, pick up and drop off are the most congested points of the school day where the ability to socially distance is most difficult.  It is essential that, to keep us all safe, we all respect the need to socially distance, so we are making some changes to our pick-up arrangements from MONDAY 14th SEPTEMBER.  Your child’s class timings may have changed so please take a note of the new timings below:


Year Group


Drop-off / Pick-up Point

Reception - Mrs Jones

9:00 am – 3.00 pm

Reception garden gate

Year 1 - Mrs Smith

8.45 am – 3.05 pm

Key Stage 1 door

Year 2 - Mrs Cook

8:55 am – 3.15 pm

Year 2 outside classroom door

Year 3 - Mr Holmes

8:50 am – 3.10 pm

Hall door

Year 4 Esther - Miss Copson

8.55 am – 3.15 pm

Year 4 outside classroom door

Year 4 Ezra - Mr Ryder

8:50 am – 3.10 pm

Year 4 outside classroom door

Year 5 - Miss Wilson

8.55 am – 3.15 pm

Year 5 outside classroom door

Year 6 - Mrs Hibell

8.45 am – 3.05 pm

Year 6 outside classroom door


In order to keep the risk to children, parents and staff to a minimum at these peak times we are introducing the following measures:


  • All adults must wear a face covering when entering the school premises at drop off and pick up times.
  • Only ONE adult can accompany a child onto the school premises.
  • Please do not arrive earlier than your allocated time as this is causing congestion in the playground.
  • If you are collecting more than one child, please arrive at the latest pick-up time.
  • Social distancing must be respected between different families and you must keep two  metres away from other people while you are waiting to collect your child.
  • Please stand behind the barrier at your designated pick-up point and only come forward when your child has been dismissed.
  • Families must walk out separately, 2 metres apart.  We would urge you not to congregate outside of the school premises.
  • At the end of the school day, children must go directly to their parent / carer – please do not allow your child to run ahead and mix with another family.
  • Please do not approach teaching staff at drop off or pick up, please contact them via email or phone.
  • Avoid the need to go to the main Reception office and again contact them via email or phone.
  • Ensure you and your child wash your hands before leaving home.  We will ensure that children and staff regularly wash their hands during the school day.


Asking everybody to keep their distance and stay apart goes against the grain with all of us and we are all looking forward to the time when we can put these measures behind us and live our lives normally.  But for now, please can I ask that you help us to keep everybody safe and adhere to social distancing rules.


I thank you for your on-going support and understanding.


Kind regards,

Mrs N Tippen

Head Teacher