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St Thomas More Catholic Primary School

Inspiration, Celebration and Education

Collective Worship and Prayer

Our School Prayer 


Please guide us through our education at school and at home.  

May Jesus, our families and our friends inspire us to do good things for others. 

Help us to celebrate the love, kindness and respect that we share. 

May St Thomas More guide and protect us always.



At St Thomas More Catholic Primary School children and adults are invited to participate in collective worship daily. It is a core part of the school day and is led by both adults and children.  

Children, staff and parents participate in Collective Worship throughout the year. These include:

  • Masses and class-led Liturgies
  • Use of Ten Ten Resources
  • Chaplaincy Team Leading Collective Worship
  • Values Collective Worship
  • Singing Assembly/Hymn Practise
  • Celebration Assembly

Remembrance Reflective Area

Year 4 Remembrance Liturgy

Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the sons of God. From Matthew Chapter 5: Verse 9


Year 4 led a beautifully reflective Remembrance Day Liturgy where we focused on what we remember, why we remember and how we remember.  We talked about the difference between service and sacrifice.  We led remembrance prayers and read scripture.  Our favourite part was the Poppy Prayer:

A Poppy prayer

Poppies are bright and cheerful flowers: say thank you to God for the lives of those who have died in war, remembering all the joy they brought to families and friends, and all the good things they did for their home and their country.


Now look at the red petals: red reminds us of danger and harm. Ask God to be close to those who are still facing danger each day, to give courage to the armed forces, and compassion to all who help others.


Place your whole hand over the poppy: poppies are also fragile and need to be handled gently. God cares for those who are hurting and those who are sad. Ask God to comfort all who are grieving the loss of someone they love.


Finally place a finger on the centre of the poppy: ask God to help you play your part in working for peace in the world.


Class Led Collective Worship

Y6 Welcome EYFS Liturgy - Nov 2021

Y3 Harvest Liturgy - Oct 2021