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St Thomas More Catholic Primary School

Inspiration, Celebration and Education

Year 4

Welcome to Year 4. Have a look at the exciting things we have been doing so far this year!
Year 4 had a great session in the Forest School area with some of the students from Gloucestershire College. They helped to dig out big holes, build dens and had lots of fun getting very muddy. 

Science - Sound

In Science this term we have begun our unit of sound by exploring how some sounds are created by vibrations. We loved experimenting with rice on a drum and a tuning fork in water. We were excited to see the rice appear to come alive and jump and the water ripple when the tuning fork was added. We then began to explain the scientific reason for this. 

P.E Creative Cog

This term we have begun our creative cog in our P.E sessions. We love practising our fundamental skills in a fun and creative way. This lesson we were practising our sending and receiving skills in a challenging juggling game. 
On the afternoon of Friday the 20th December, we had an unexpected visit from Father Christmas. He took time out of his busy schedule to give each child a very special, early Christmas gift. This was so exciting and we all loved taking our present home and placing it under our Christmas tree. It made us more excited for Christmas Day!  

Remembrance Liturgy

On Friday 8th November Year 4 led our school and visitors in a Remembrance Liturgy. Year 4 shared information that they had learnt from their visit with Graham Gordon. There was time to learn, pray, reflect and most importantly remember the people who sacrificed their lives.  

The Great War - Our Visit from Graham Gordon

Year 4 had an inspirational talk by Graham Gordon. He talked all about the 'The Great War'. It will help us to prepare for our class liturgy all about Remembrance Day. We were shocked and in awe when hearing about the suffering and conditions the soldiers faced and the statistics of those injured and worse! 

ICE Time

Geometry - Properties of Shapes

Year 4 have explored shapes this term in our mathematics sessions. We used practical resources to help us to understand the properties. 

Dragon Training

Year 4 received some instructions from Professor Yobbish instructing 'How to Train A Dragon.' Year 4 found the instructions were not very effective and so decided to create their own instructions. This is their attempts to train dragons. 

European Languages Day

On European Languages Day we were very lucky to have three children in our class who taught us some Polish. They taught us some key phrases, numbers and colours. They were fantastic teachers!