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Late/ Absence Procedures



At St Thomas More Catholic Primary School, our children enjoy learning and want to be in school.

We also understand that the last two years have been particularly challenging, however it is more important than ever that we ensure all children attend school every day.


Our target for 2021-22 remains at 96%; this means that on average no pupil misses more than 4% of school days (less than seven days). Good attendance is a key to any child being able to fulfil their potential and make good progress in school. We have very effective systems in school to monitor attendance and parents of children whose attendance falls below what is acceptable will be subject be invited to meet with the school to discuss how to overcome any issues.


We will always listen,empathise and support parents and children with attendance however, we will not tolerate persistent absence at St Thomas More Catholic Primary School.


It is the expectation of the school that all children will attend school 100% of the time.


If you have any queries regarding attendance then please contact the Assistant Head Teacher, Mrs Çerikan, on 01242 513339 or email who will offer help and support.  




We understand that sometimes children are ill or have a need to attend appointments and so we would ask you to telephone school by 8.45am on the first day of their child’s absenceWhen you have a confirmed medical appointment please inform the school office so that it can be recorded in the register.


Wherever possible we would ask that you try to make appointments outside of school hours.


For absences of more than three days we may also ask that you provide evidence through the form of prescriptions, a note from the GP/Nurse, or labels from the child’s medication.

Attendance Matters







Regular attendance is an important part of giving your child the best possible start in life. Children who miss school frequently can fall behind with their work and do less well in tests. The table below shows how your child’s percentage attendance equates to the amount of school time missed.

Attendance during 1 school year




Equals days absent


(190 days in a school year)



Which means this number of sessions missed


(am and pm)

Which is approximate weeks absentWhich means this number of lessons missed
95%10 days20 sessions2 weeks



54 lessons



90%19 days38 sessions4 weeks



108 lessons



85%29 days58 sessions6 weeks



162 lessons



80%38 days72 sessions8 weeks



216 lessons



75%48 days96 sessions10 weeks



270 lessons



70%57 days114 sessions11.5 weeks



324 lessons



65%67 days134 sessions13.5 weeks



378 lessons



Every minute counts


If your child arrives late to school every day, their learning begins to suffer. Below is a graph showing how being late to school over a school year adds up to lost learning time.



Each week one of our classes wins the ‘Best Attendance’ award, welcomes OTIS the Duck into their classroom and receives extra playtime on Friday.



Were you ‘OTIS’ last week? Our aim again this year is to have 96% or more of all our children in school every day on time. We all need to help achieve this and make sure our class wins ‘OTIS the Duck’ as many times as possible!


This year we will also have a termly raffle for 100% attendees in each key stage, there will also be end of term treats in school and a big trip/event at the end of the school year.


Now that Covid restrictions are beginning to ease we will hopefully be able to offer our annual attendance treat for children achieving 100% attendance this academic year, in previous years children have visited Kaspa's Cheltenham for Ice Cream, The Warehouse Climbing & Caving Centre in Gloucester and Cadbury's World in Birmingham.



For more information on attendance please click on the local and national links: