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Year 5 Ezra & Isaiah

Welcome to the Year 5 Class Page!


On this page you will find your homework, weekly spellings and information and links to our learning which will be updated as and when we move through the year. You will also find photos and descriptions of the exciting things we have been getting up to. Have a look! 

Year 5 Isaiah and Ezra

Year 5 Ezra

Year 5 Isaiah

This term, we are learning about Number and Place Value in maths, we will be reading and writing about Wind in The Willows in English, and learning about Creation in RE.  In Science, we are enjoying learning about Earth and Space!  In History we will be developing our knowledge of Prehistory by focusing on the Iron Age era.  


We have loved starting our new Spanish lessons!

Year 5 Ezra - Class Rules

We started the year by agreeing our class rules. We have all signed them to show that we will follow these in all that we do!

Year 5 - Isaiah Class Rules

We have started the year by agreeing on the rules we should follow when we are in school. We have all signed these to show that we follow these rules in everything that we do!

Isaiah Reading Tree


To promote a love of reading in our classroom, we have a reading tree. Children can come here to write a book review or read book reviews other children have written to help guide their next book choice. They have different opportunities throughout the school day to write their own book review.

Year 5 - Chair Strike!


On Tuesday the 25th January Year 5 were very surprised to find that their chairs were gone. They had disappeared from the classroom and were taped in the bay area. This caused lots of confusion and speculation. We checked other classrooms but it was only the Year 5 chairs that had taken action. We found a letter which described how they were feeling and how they had gone on strike as they had, had enough. They were tired of being swung on and mistreated. We needed to act and fast! We decided to write letters to the chairs to persuade them to come back. Fortunately, they did return but we are going to be incredibly respectful to them as we don't want a strike again. 

Year 5 Isaiah - Science - Separating Materials

In science, we have been exploring how to separate materials that have formed solutions and suspensions. We had lots of fun discovering the best method to separate these materials. We found the evaporation method most exciting and could not wait to see the salt that remained on the plate once the water had evaporated. 

Year 5 Isaiah - Kabaddi

During PE this term we are practicing our static balances. We had lots of fun work with partners to create different balances. As part of a team game we are playing Kabbadi, this is lots of fun and also a challenging to get round a new set of rules. 

This term, Year 5 have had the exciting oportunity to have cricket sessions with Oli - from Gloucester Cricket Club. We have loved each session. We have learnt lots of skills which we are using in the games that we play. Our favourite game so far is traffic light! 

Year 5 Ezra - Science - Investigating Electrical Conductors

Today we were given a challenge to find the best electrical conductors for the floodlights of a football pitch. We carried out an investigation to test different materials. We then presented our findings to the rest of the class. We were looking for the material with the least resistance which would make the bulb brighter!

Year 5 Ezra - D.T Building Bridges with Trusses

In our D.T lesson we learnt that using trusses made bridges longer and stronger. We were then challenged to create a bridge which spanned 38cm and could hold 500g. Lots of our bridges could hold 100g and a few were able to hold the 500g. 

Year 5 - African Drumming Workshop

Year 5 had a fantastic morning learning all about African drumming. We learnt the difference between bass and tone and loved composing our own pieces of music and chants. We all had a great time! 

Year 5 - Ezra - World Food Day

For World Food Day, Year 5 made and tasted salsa. We had great fun chopping, slicing and squeezing the ingredients we used. 

Year 5 Isaiah - World Food Day 2021

For World Food Day 2021, Year 5 Isaiah made Tzatziki! We had pitta bread alongside so we could taste it. We loved being able to make and try a new food, although it was not everybody's favourite we can all say we would eat it again!

Year 5 Isaiah - Seated Volleyball

Year 5 had a great time in P.E this week playing 'Seated Volleyball'. We had to remember that we could not move from our seats. We really enjoyed learning this new game! 

Year 5 Isaiah - Science

In science we have be exploring Earth and Space. We had lots of fun using fruit to understand the size and distance between the planets!

Year 5 Ezra - Scorpion Handball

Year 5 had a great time in P.E this week playing 'Scorpion Handball'. We had to remember that our knees weren't allowed to touch the ground. It was great fun!

Year 5 Ezra - RE

This week we began our Creation unit in RE. In our first lesson we learnt all about the Bible. We created presentations (in groups) to show what we had learnt. We answered the question - How do Catholics view and use the Bible? We already knew about the Old and New Testament but we were surprised to learn that the Bible is not just stories. In fact, it includes poetry, history, psalms amongst other things. Did you know the Bible is like a library?


Year 5 Ezra - Music Lesson

Year 5 enjoying our music session. Today we used the glockenspiel to play along with our song - 'Ghost Parade'