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St Thomas More Catholic Primary School

Inspiration, Celebration and Education


Being a core subject Science is taught at St Thomas More Catholic Primary School every week for between 90-120 minutes in KS1 and KS2. During these sessions children explore a range of topics which enable them to explore both the knowledge and skills of scientific enquiry through observations, investigations, classifying and sorting, recording and interpreting results aswell as learning new facts, concepts and ideas in a variety of ways.


Each year group learns about a range of objectives, both skills and knowledge based, which develop progressively across each year group and key stage.


In addition to celebrating interesting science topics the children also learn about influential, key scientific thinkers during their topics to broaden their knowledge and understanding of all that is related to Science in the ever developing world around them.


To learn more about our science topics this year, please click on the Science overview for this year.  To learn about how these objectives will be taught in more detail please visit the relevant year group class page and read all about it in their most recent newsletter.