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St Thomas More Catholic Primary School

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Year 1 Joshua

Hello and welcome to Year 1 smiley


Here you will find out about the things we have been doing in class and important information like our termly Homework and Spellings.

Click below to find out what we are learning term:

Class Liturgical Prayer

We began the week by taking part in a dance and drama workshop led by Katie from West End in Schools.  We loved learning and retelling the story of Alice In Wonderland through dance. 


We then designed our own Cheshire Cat and wrote sentences to describe him using 'and'.


We had a great day on World Book Day!  We talked about our favourite book characters.  We then drew a picture of our outfit, wrote who we were and why we had chosen our outfit.  We were so excited to take these home!  We also made our own bookmarks to keep in our favourite books.  We loved designing our own magic potion and writing what super power it would give us.


We really enjoyed ending the day by reading our favourite books with our Year 6 buddies.

PE - Inflatable Football

RE - We learnt that a parable is a story told by Jesus with a special message

Maths - Measuring length using non-standard units

Geography - Northern Ireland Fact Hunt

Art - Using lines to create a collaborative art piece based on the sea

Art - Mixing primary colours to make secondary colours

RE - we have been finding similarities and differences in pictures of the Wise Men visiting Baby Jesus

Geography - identifying the United Kingdom on a map, in an atlas and on a globe

Science - exploring our senses


We explored what would happen when we tried to put our jumper on without our sense of sight - It was very tricky!


We explored which object was the coldest - The ice pack was.


We tested which smelt the nicest, the carrot or the pear - we decided it was the pear.


We tasted lemon - it was VERY sour!


The drum was the loudest instrument.

Christmas Science Workshop - exploring colour to make Christmas decorations

RE - Visit from Mr Comer

We learnt all about the important things a priest does during Mass and about the things he uses, including the chalice and the special plates for the bread.


We learnt an alter server helps the priest by getting everything ready before Mass and helping him during the service including carrying the special book of prayers and stories, passing the priest the water and wine and ringing the bell during the extra special parts.


We then learnt about the job of a reader.  The reader is usually taken from group of people who have come to Mass.

RE - Visiting St Thomas More Catholic Primary School

We walked to St Thomas More Parish Centre, where we had a tour of the church by Mr Comer.  We started by looking at the main part of the church and Mr Comer explained what the priest does and where.  We then got to walk around the alter to see what the priest can see from where he stands.


We then went into another room where we were able to see the things that the priest uses in Church, such as the chalice, the special plates and glasses and the candles.  We even saw the incense holder (which we learnt is only used in very special occasions).  We also saw the special clothes that he and the alter servers wear.  


Finally, we went in to the chapel where we saw a smaller alter and lots of art work and statues.

Making number lines in Maths