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St Thomas More Catholic Primary School

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We follow the liturgial year when teaching R.E

RE Overview

Religious Education Curriculum Statement




The Religious Education (RE) curriculum at St. Thomas More Catholic Primary School is in line with the Guidance provided by the RE Curriculum Directory of the Clifton Diocese and broadly based on the Strategy ‘God Matters’. The teachings of the faith are based around the Catholic Church’s Liturgical year. The pupils revisit the themes on a yearly basis. These lessons are based around scripture.

In addition, we ensure the whole Religious Education curriculum is taught in the light of the Gospel values and actively promotes the spiritual and moral development of our pupils.  We also endeavour to ensure the Religious Education curriculum is in line with Bishop Declan’s teaching – Deepen Prayer, Enable Communion and Strengthen Mission.


Through Religious Education we aim to:

  • help pupils to grow in confidence in God’s love;
  • continue to develop their sense of awe, wonder and reverence in the world around them;
  • develop within children a reverence for God and all things of God;
  • help children in their search for the meaning of life through the way in which God reveals himself in Christ, developing an understanding of the Gospel;
  • give RE equal status to that given to all core subjects in the curriculum;
  • put God, and therefore religious education, at the heart of the life of the school;
  • teach RE in accordance with the teachings of the Catholic Church;
  • provide opportunities for children to celebrate their faith through liturgy, sacrament and prayer;
  • develop a respect for each other and all people, including those of different faith and cultural backgrounds;
  • contribute to the child’s understanding of morality, choice and responsibility for their present, youth and adult life;
  • foster in all the understanding of God’s Kingdom through work in our local and wider community;
  • ensure the liturgical year is reflected in the life and activities of the school;
  • develop an understanding of other world faiths;
  • strengthen the relationship between home, parish and feeder schools;
  • provide adequate resources in terms of both personnel and materials required to implement the policy;
  • provide in-service training for teachers so that they have opportunities to deepen their own faith.

R.E Parent Newsletters:

Scripture Trees

Take a look at some of our fantastic RE learning: 

Year 5 - Baptism of Jesus

Year 5 looked at the symbolism in different pieces of artwork depicting the baptism of Jesus. They looked to see if the Holy Trinity were represented and looked at the accuracy of the artwork, linking to the scripture - Matthew 3:13-17

Year 1 - Acting out the story of Anna and Simeon

Year 1 - Jesus is the light of the world. We thought about how we can shine light like Jesus by creating our own lanterns showing how we will shine for others.

Year 1 - We created our own Christingle Candles and learnt what each part represents.

Mr Comer visited Year 1 to tell them about the people who help at Church

Year 1 enjoyed a visit to St Thomas More Parish Centre to learn about the different things and people we see during Mass.

2022 - 2023

Year 1 have learnt that a parable is a story told my Jesus with a special meaning

Year 5 - Understanding the importance of Advent

Here are our Year 6 Jeremiah class exploring the conversion of Saul to Paul - some great freeze framing!

Chaplaincy Team have spoken to Year 1 about what they talk to God about

Year 1 visit from Mr Comer

We learnt all about the important things a priest does during Mass and about the things he uses, including the chalice and the special plates for the bread.


We learnt an alter server helps the priest by getting everything ready before Mass and helping him during the service including carrying the special book of prayers and stories, passing the priest the water and wine and ringing the bell during the extra special parts.


We then learnt about the job of a reader.  The reader is usually taken from group of people who have come to Mass.

Year 1 visit to St Thomas More Parish Centre

We walked to St Thomas More Parish Centre, where we had a tour of the church by Mr Comer.  We started by looking at the main part of the church and Mr Comer explained what the priest does and where.  We then got to walk around the alter to see what the priest can see from where he stands.


We then went into another room where we were able to see the things that the priest uses in Church, such as the chalice, the special plates and glasses and the candles.  We even saw the incense holder (which we learnt is only used in very special occasions).  We also saw the special clothes that he and the alter servers wear.  


Finally, we went in to the chapel where we saw a smaller alter and lots of art work and statues.

In Year 2 we sequenced and retold the story of Jesus calming the storm

In EYFS we acted out the parable where Jesus washed his Disciples feet.

Year 1 have been finding similarities and differences in pictures of the Wise Men visiting baby Jesus

Year 2 recreated a picture of Mary and Joseph going on a journey

Year 1 have learnt about the symbols of Advent

EYFS have been recreating Christ the Redeemer statues!