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How can St Thomas More Catholic Primary School improve

From the responses the main points have been listed below.


Some suggestions have been implemented already and together - we can continue to improve the school for your child/children.  Thank you


  • More time at Parent Evenings - as a result, consultations were increased to 10 minute slots and parents with children who are identified as having SEND are allocated an extra consultation in the term to discuss progress and objectives.  All staff are accessible to arrange further meetings if and when needed.     
  • Communicating more regarding their child's academic progress - a new style of report will be given out in July 2019 focusing on progress and judgements as to where the child is in comparison to Age Related Expectations nationally.  Additionally, two extra reports are to be sent out in the Autumn and Spring Terms respectively.   
  • Continue to address disruptive behaviour so as not to hinder the learning of others
  • Website to be updated and user friendly - the new website was introduced in January and a big push has been made to make children and parents aware.  
  • SLT more accessible at the start and end of the school day - a member of SLT to be on the door/at the front of school every morning.  
  • Look at increasing the variety of after school clubs - ongoing
  • Earlier communication regarding class/school events so as to enable parents to book time off work - two classes have been looking at using Class Dojo to share day-to-day information and improve communication for future events.  
  • School dates for the year to be given out earlier to allow parents to plan holidays so as not to impact in their child's attendance
  • Children to be allowed in school at drop off on rainy days - this is now the protocol and was implemented the very first rainy day after the questionnaires were analysed.  
  • After school club/access to child minding facilities for parents who work - this is being looked at by SLT and Governors
  • Variety in PE/Music lessons - the PE department purchased a new scheme called Real PE scheme. The aim of the scheme is to create a positive relationship with physical activity for life focusing on the development of agility, balance, coordination, healthy competition and cooperative learning. We are moving away from the traditional sport first teaching of P.E. instead focusing upon developing physical literacy, emotional and thinking skills.
  • The Music department purchased a scheme called Charanga. The scheme was established to ensure that all the objectives are covered from the national curriculum with supporting information including a vast library of songs, topics, videos and apps to support the delivery in the classroom. The scheme also allows for personalised learning as needed. Classes have music weekly or for a whole day per term to ensure the objectives are covered.

    We are very proud of our singing and we regularly sing. We have one collective worship dedicated solely to singing and in addition we sing in other collective worships as well. We have two choirs over the course of the year. One taking part in the national gathering of Young Voices and one school choir that focuses on Christmas songs and visits nearby Residential Homes.

    We work closely with Gloucestershire Music and offer guitar lessons over the year. 2 classes a year also learn to play a recorder and hold a concert at the end as a celebration of their achievements.

    Traffic around the school - Mrs Tippen has linked closely with the Highway Agency regarding the issues and has had regular meetings on site.  Discussions going forward were to
    • resurface the pavement;
    • respray the zig-zag lines;
    • implementing a No Parking zone between certain times;
    • look at the possibility of making the road a one-way street between certain times;
  • Playground engagement and activities - through the Gloucestershire Healthy Living (GHL) association, the school is launching a new initiative called Positive Play Times.  Year 4 and Year 5 children have been trained and Well-Being Leaders identified in thew classes.  We are now eagerly awaiting resources to roll this out in September 2019!  


As you can see, your suggestions are welcomed to ensure we continue to provide the highest possible outcomes for your children.


Thank you