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Year 5 Ezra & Isaiah

Welcome to the Year 5 Class Page!


On this page you will find your homework, weekly spellings and information and links to our learning which will be updated as and when we move through the year. You will also find photos and descriptions of the exciting things we have been getting up to. Have a look! 

Please submit any home learning to Thank you - Miss Wilson.

Year 5!

Look at our some of our learning so far this term (Term 2):

Look at our some of our learning so far this term (Term 1):

Geography - The Eight Points of a Compass

In our Geography lesson today, we begun by recapping the 4 points of the compass and then we explored all eight points. We used the big compass on the playground to help us work out how to use a compass and find North. We then worked with a partner to explore directions and expand our navigation skills. We learnt that the red arrow (on our compasses) always point North and the white arrow told us which direction we were facing. 

History - Researching the Victorians

Year 5 have begun their new History unit of the Victorians and so far, have loved learning about the time period which ended 120 years ago. As part of this learning, in our English lesson we used laptops and books to research lots of new information about the Victorians. We looked at key areas: food, clothing, work, schools and the rich and poor. We are then going to use this information, not only to help us with our History lessons, but to write an informative non-chronological report about the Victorians. We were surprised to learn that school days were long and could last until 5pm and not every child would attend school, in fact it was only a few.


In this Music lesson we used the glockenspiel to accompany the song 'Dancing in the Street.'  

Year 5 really enjoyed their cricket session with the coach. We can't wait to play '5 bat cricket' again!

This term in D.T Year 5 have been learning about textiles. We used fabric to create our intial. We practised using a running stitch. We then evaluated our work to see what we could improve next time.

Let's Count!

On the 12th March, Year 5 learnt all about the Census and particpated in Let's Count day! We began by learning about the census and then we considered what we could count. We counted our ages and presented the information. We then counted our places of birth and presented the information using excel. We were very surprised by the different places of birth within Year 5! 

Multicultural Activities - Australia

This week we travelled to Australia! We made boomerangs using carboard and aboriginal painting. We also made kangaroo cups and looked at a didgeridooo.  

This week we jetted off to Japan. We began the week by designing our very own fan and Japanese peg dolls. To create our peg dolls we used dolly pegs, paint, fabric, pipe cleaners amongst other things. This week we also made a class blossom tree and displayed it in our classroom window. In addition, we learnt some Japanese numbers, how to say hello, please and thank you. Last but not least, we loved using origami to create a heart, a dog and a bird. It was tricky to begin with but so much fun!



This week we travelled to France. We used our computing skills to create a Powerpoint about our France learning. We made our own version of Monet's Garden with a Bridge. In addition, we created the Eiffel Tower at night, participated in French skipping and we created a labryinth. We also recapped our French learning and sang Frere Jaques. 

Computing - Powerpoint

We spent an afternoon learning how to make a PowerPoint. We learnt how to add textboxes, pictures and change the background. We each created a PowerPoint about our interests. 
This week, we went to Egypt. We explored different ways to make Pyramids and we designed and created our own bracelets. We spent a lot of time exploring non-fiction texts about Egypt and had a great time finding facts - linking to our History learning. 

Playing in the snow!

This week we travelled to Kenya. Kenya is in Africa. We learnt to say hello in Swahili which is 'Jambo.' Furthermore, we created a bar and pie chart about Year 5's favourite fruit because we had read Handa's Surprise. We got creative and made an African sunset with silhouetted animals and trees. We also made a necklace and a drum. We ended the week by watched The Lion King - we learnt that Simba means Lion in Swahili. 

Multicultural Activities - Russia

This week we have visited Russia. We have had great fun learning about and making Russian Dolls and creating our own special Faberge eggs (the most expensive one cost 33 million dollars). We have also had a go at some Russian dancing - this was very exciting and energetic - and we wrote our names in Russian letters. Finally, we made a 3D collage of Saint Basils Cathedral in Moscow. We can't wait to see where we go next! 

Science - Investigating Air Resistance

This term our Science unit is forces. So far we have learnt about the effects of gravity and began to identify other forces. We continued this learning by conducting an air resistance investigation answering the question - 'What size parachute will fall the fastest?' We had great fun conducting our fair test.

Anti Bullying Week - Odd Sock Day!

We loved wearing our odd socks to raise aware of Anti Bullying week. 

DT - Suspension Bridge Building

We used 4 chairs, paper and string to make suspension bridges. We had great fun! We used weights to see if it would hold

Ancient Greek Clothing

Year 5 came to school dressed in Ancient Greek clothing. We were learning about Greek clothing and the differences between the lifestyles of Greek Men and Women. We used key words to label our items of clothing and we learnt that men were seen as more important - which Year 5 didn't think was very fair! 

Science - Earth and Space

In our Science lessons this term, Year 5 are learning about Earth and Space. To help us to visualise the size of the different planets we used fruit to represent the different planets. We then went out onto the field to re-enact the movement of the planets. We learnt the key scientific words: spin, orbit and revolve.  


On the 11th hour, of the 11th day, of the 11th month we remember. This year to mark Remembrance Day, Year 5 each created a poppy to display in their windows at home. We also created a Remembrance garden in our classroom window. We used different symbolism. We wanted to create an area where people can stop, think and reflect. 

DT - Bridges

Our DT topic this term is Bridges. We began the unit by making bridges and testing how strong they were by using different weights. 
On Tuesday 13th October, Year 5 went to Benhall Park to study the environmental changes to the local area. We built habitats for invertebrates, we explored the trees, we looked for environmental changes and most importantly we had a great time learning about Science outdoors! We can't wait to go back again! 

Science - Invertebrate Hunt

We went to the Forest school area to carry out an invertebrate hunt. We used a key to classify them. We then caught a specimen to study.

Music - Living on a Prayer

We have been enjoying our adapted Music unit. We have been studying the song 'Living on a Prayer.' We have loved learning to sign the song (rather than sing) and we have begun to learn the notes B, A and G to play along using glockenspiels. It has been great fun to learn new skills. 

Science Enquiry - Do different liquids cause tooth decay?

In Science this term, Year 5 have been learning about 'Animals Including Humans.' During this unit we learnt about our teeth and their different functions. We then asked the question 'Do different liquids affect our teeth?' We wanted to find out which liquids can cause tooth decay. We used milk, water, orange juice and cola. Each group was given 4 boiled eggs. We used boiled eggs as the shell of the egg reacted in a similar way to the enamel on our teeth. To make it a fair test we measured 100 ml of each liquid into a cup and placed the eggs in it. We spent the next five days observing our eggs to see what would happen. It was great fun and very messy when the eggs shells began to change. We were very surprised to find out that orange juice caused the most decay and that milk protects teeth, making the shell of the egg stronger.