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St Thomas More Catholic Primary School

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Year 5 Isaiah

Welcome to the Year 5 Isaiah Class Page

On this page, you will find your homework, weekly spelling information and links to our learning, updated as we move through the year. You will also find photos and descriptions of the exciting things we have been getting up to. Have a look!

Science - Properties of Materials - Electrical Conductors

In our Science lesson we investigated which material was the best electrical conductor. We first created a complete circuit and then added different materials to see which would make the bulb the brightest. The best electrical conductor would have the least resistance. 

Leading Celebration of the Word

Art - Space and Scale

This week in Art we continued our Sculpture and 3D unit all about Interactive Installation Art. We learnt about the installation work of artist Cai Guo-Qiang; considering the display space and scale of an artwork; creating a scaled-down version of an installation similar to Guo-Qiang’s gunpowder drawings. We used boxes to create our spaces. We used tea bags soaked in paint and glitter among other art materials. 

Stand by Me - Music Project - Session 2

This week was our first session at Monkscroft Care Centre. We enjoyed singing songs with the residents and learning more about each other.

Spanish - ¿Qué tiempo hace?

Today we consolidated our learning of the key weather language we had started to learn in our previous session. We really enjoyed playing a matching pairs game to practise the key phrases. 

Remembrance Candle Holder

Remembrance Day

To mark Remembrance Day we decorated glass jars. We used acrylic pens to draw poppies and other designs linked to Remembrance. We added tealight candles and turned the lights off to see how effective they looked. 

Music Project - Stand by Me - Session 1

Today we met Becky. She is going to be working with us for the next few weeks. We are taking part in a project called Stand by Me. It is a music project and it will involve us going to Monkscroft Care Centre to sing songs with the residents there. We thought about songs that everyone would know and started to add actions to them. Today we learnt - 'You are my sunshine'. Next week we will visit Monkscroft Care Centre to sing songs with the residents. We can't wait.

Year 5 thoroughly enjoyed our Doodler unit in DT. We looked at complete circuits and how motors are used. We then investigated the components for a doodler. We used this knowledge to create a doodler of our own. We learnt so much! 

Random Act of Kindness

During Well Being Week, Year 5 went to Monkscroft Care Centre to deliver a 'Random Act of Kindness'. Each child has created a picture to make someone smile and brighten their day. They were then able to give their picture to a resident. We had a great time and really brightened everyones day. 

'I loved being kind' said Miriann. 

'It made me feel happy to see all of their smiles' added Lyra.

Race The Teacher

Our class 'Race The Teacher' will be 'Street Child' by Berlie Doherty.

If you are able to buy this book for your child to read at home, alongside me, then that would be great. Throughout the weeks we will have class discussions about our favourite parts and characters. 

We used fruit to represent the eight planets in our Solar System. This was a scaled down version of our Solar System. We each held a planet, while some of us were the Sun, and had to spin on our axis and orbit the Sun. It helped us to realise why Mercury doesn't take as long to orbit the Sun as Neptune does.