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St Thomas More Catholic Primary School

Inspiration, Celebration and Education

What is St Thomas More Catholic Primary School good at?

  • Understanding the individual needs of my children
  • Teachers plan and deliver good lessons
  • High levels of education
  • Good at teaching values and knowing God
  • Giving a foundation about the Catholic faith and celebrating related events
  • Making learning fun!
  • Very welcoming and friendly
  • Clubs, trips, safety, values, almost everything!
  • Helping children to develop needed skills
  • Encouraging children to be the best they can be in all aspects of learning
  • Effective teaching and interesting extra-curricular activities
  • Variety of teaching methods, in-class visitors, hands in learning etc.
  • Providing support to the children who need it
  • Fantastic, friendly well-educated teachers and very helpful staff
  • Teachers are supportive and approachable
  • Teaching values and discipline to the children
  • Varied subjects for Theme work
  • Taking care of children when accidents happen
  • After school clubs are great
  • School has a safe environment
  • Parent Pop-in sessions are opportunities to see my child’s learning
  • Breakfast Club very useful
  • Communicating with parents and keeping them up-to-date via text and Class Dojo
  • Organising good school trips
  • Engaging and encouraging parents through Parent Pop-ins
  • Good support for new children
  • Fantastic staff right through from teachers to office staff
  • Teaching the children about the past therefore allowing them to live in the present and learn to live in the future
  • Good environment for my child to grow
  • Looking after my child
  • Events
  • School lunches
  • Homework
  • Moral values
  • Teaching children to read quickly
  • Singing and reflecting on the world and God.