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Chaplaincy Team

Welcome to the Chaplaincy Team page. On this page you will meet the Chaplaincy Team and get a chance to see what they have been doing both in and out of school. 

Chaplaincy Team in their New Vestments

Chaplaincy Team leading our Lent Reconciliation Service

Completing a Learning Walk

'We litter pick so we can look after God's creation' - Theo 

'Picking up litter helps the environment and it makes me happy' - Emmie

'We litter pick because we are cleaning God's world. I feel really good after it because I feel respected and important because we help the world' - Nina

'It is good to litter pick because we can help the world' - Delilah 

'Litter picking is good because we look after the world. I feel amazing' - Zuzanna

'We are looking after God's gift to us' - Lewie

'We litter pick to help our school and to feel happy so people stop littering and look after God's creation' - Alfie

'It is good for the environment and we need to help the community' - Madison

'After litter picking I feel happy' - Zuzanna

Advent Prayer Stations led by Chaplaincy Team

Two members of the Chaplaincy Team spoke to Year 1 about why they pray.

Chaplaincy Team leading our Remembrance Service

Selling Poppies

Chaplaincy Team at the KS2 Parish Mass

Chaplaincy Team at the Commissioning

During the Commissioning of new Chaplaincy members Zuzanna and Nina read the reading of the day. They read with beautiful clarity. We are very proud of them!

On Thursday the 12th October, the Chaplaincy Team travelled to Bristol to attend the commissioning at the Cathedral. This is a special occasion as the new members are commissioned by Bishop Declan. The new members renewed their baptismal promises and joined Bishop Declan in the Act of Dedication. It was a lovely morning. We were even able to meet other Chaplaincy Teams from across our diocese. 


Lewie reflected, 'I really enjoyed the trip. I walked our school banner around the cathedral with Alfie and then sang some hymns and got my badge. I felt proud and special.'


Alfie added, ' I enjoyed the commissioning for chaplaincy team because I liked it when we met Bishop Declan and when we got our badges. I felt nervous because there were so many people but I felt happy overall.'

Chaplaincy Team meeting with Mr Comer

Chaplaincy Team monitoring our school reflective areas

Meet the NEW Chaplaincy Team

2022 - 2023

This afternoon the Chaplaincy Team planted wildflowers seeds in the prayer garden - with the help of Mr Tippen. We can't wait to see our Bee Cafe grow! 

Chaplaincy Team - Fun in the Sun!

Chaplaincy Team - Litter Picking

Chaplaincy Team Leading Liturgical Prayer as an example to Year 3

Chaplaincy Team led our Lent Reconciliation Service

Year 2 asked the Chaplaincy team lots of questions about how they prepare during Lent

Chaplaincy Team talking to Year 1 about what they talk to God about.

Chaplaincy Team led the Remembrance Service

Chaplaincy Team Promise

Chaplaincy Team Signing their Promise

Commissioning Mass with the Little Way Partnership

On Friday the 4th November, our Chaplaincy Team met with the new members of the Little Way Partnership Chaplaincy Teams at St Peter's Catholic Primary School. It was here that we had a special service where we were commissioned. We made promises and received our badges, which we will wear with pride. After the service, we had a chance to play games and meet the other children. We had a great time and can't wait to meet up again later in the year!  

Chaplaincy Team with Father Joby

2021 - 2022 

Meet our new Chaplaincy Team

Chaplaincy Team Display

Chaplaincy Team Promise

As a Chaplaincy Team we all created a promise and signed it with our fingerrprint to show that  we will keep to the promise in all that we do. 

Fratelli Tutti

The Year 6 Chaplaincy members thought about the message of Fratelli Tutti. They created a symbol to represent what they felt was important. 

Litter Picking

Chaplaincy Team completing a Reflective Area Learning Walk

We went to St Peter's High School to meet with other Chaplaincy Teams. While we were there, we particpated in three different workshops: nature walk, art and a boardgame. The focus of each of these activities was the care for our common home - the World. We came together as a family and wrote prayers and promises reflecting on God's creation. We are like sunflowers that follow the sun - we follow Jesus. 

Leading one of our weekly collective worships

Displaying the new SMSC Value