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Year 6 Isaiah

Welcome to the Year 6 Isaiah Class Page

Year 6 Leavers Mass

Mock Trials Competition for Primary Schools

Year 6 had the amazing opportunity to compete in the Mock Trials competition. Y6 Jeremiah took on the role of the Prosecution Team, while Y6 Isaiah took on the role of the Defence Solicitors. We took some time to read and study the case and began to formulate questions. We then rehearsed by competing against each other before then going to the Council Chambers to compete against different schools. We had a great time. It taught us the importance of thinking on our feet and being prepared. It also taught us about the legal system and about ensuring we speak loudly and clearly so we can be heard.

Science Week—Fantastic Fingerprints!

This activity was designed to get us thinking about fingerprints. We wanted to find out if everyone's fingerprints really are different. We compared different fingerprints and looked for patterns. We used a tablets to zoom in and study our fingerprints closely.


World Book Day Costumes 2023!

Today we turned our Käthe Kollwitz inspired drawings from Lesson 2 into sculptures.

Dress to Express Day - Children's Mental Health Week

We were invited to wear our favourite colour or a unique outfit to express how we are feeling, it could be as simple or as elaborate as we liked!


Dress to Express is an opportunity for self-expression and celebrating a diverse range of emotions.

On the 7th February Roctopus came into our school and each class was able to create a brand new song. We began by picking the chords—we selected FGAD. Then we came up with lyrics and dance moves. Our song was based on our school virtues—DILLIGENT and ATTENTIVEWhen writing our lyrics we thought about situations when we find things tricky and have to show diligence and try our best. We considered the struggle and the solution. After writing the lyrics, we created dance moves. We had lots of fun practicing  our dance moves while we learnt the song. Finally, we recorded our song for a music video. 


Art - Make My Voice Heard - Y6 inspired by Pablo Picasso's Guernica

Road to RIAT STEM Challenge - Glider

Year 6 took part in the Road to RIAT STEM Challenge. They needed to Design, Build and Test a glider. It was key for us to work in a team and communicate well with each other. We began by considering the difference between a glider and an aeroplane. Did you know a glider doesn't have an engine? We looked at the key components of a glider and the forces of flight. We also then considered the wing design. We used this knowledge to help us to design, then build and then test our glider. We had great fun!

Christmas Science - Armpit Fudge!

Today, Year 6 participated in Santa's Christmas Chemistry. We looked at reversible and irreversible changes. We followed the instructions to create armpit fudge, then we discussed what type of chemical change this was.

For our last rowing session, all of Year 6 came together to compete to challenge and beat their  own personal bests. There was some amazing progress made! We then competed in some relays. Everyone showed great sportsmanship and encouragement! Well done Year 6!

In Year 6, this term we have been exploring textiles in our DT unit. We were tasked with designing and creating a waistcoat for either ourselves or a toy. Some of us chose to make the waistcoat for ourselves, while others chose to use a teddy bear. We ensured we planned and designed thoroughly. We then used templates and chalk to outline onto our chosen material. Then we cut it out and tacked it together using a loose stitch (which we will later remove.) We then carefully stitched our pieces together and added any extra details to add decoration. When our waistcoats are finished we will evaluate them. We can't wait to see the end products. 

History - Ancient Egyptians!

In today's history lesson, we used different sources to explore how the Ancient Egyptians gods/goddesses were depicted. We were surprised by what we found.

Science - Spectacular Spectrum!

In our Science unit, all about Light, we learnt about the observations of Isaac Newton is 1666. We shone a torch through a transparent prism, and held a piece of white card in front of the refracted ray of light as it left the prism. We were looking to see what Newton observed.

Cheltenham Literature Festival

On Friday 7th October Year 6 went to the Cheltenham Literature Festival. We had a great day. It all started with our session with the author Louie Stowell. She is the author of the book series all about Loki. During her session, she showed us how to draw the book characters like she does. We all used our imagination to give her ideas to create new gods with new powers and ideas. After our session, we went to the Wild Woods to explore and follow the trail to find the clues. Some of us solved puzzles and clues set by GCHQ in their den. Keiva was the first person of the day to solve one of the puzzles. We were very proud of her!