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St Thomas More Catholic Primary School

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We define homework as any activity that pupils undertake outside of school time, either on their own or with the support of family members. At St Thomas More Catholic Primary School, we have a strong commitment to parental involvement and see homework as one way of developing this partnership. We believe that homework:


 helps children to make progress and raises standards;

 provides an opportunity for children to consolidate/ rehearse key skills (e.g. number facts/ spellings/ handwriting);

 informs parents about work happening in class;

 further stimulates enthusiasm for learning in our children;

 can provide a great opportunity for gathering information related to the Themed Learning;

 helps to promote good habits of organisation, independence and self-discipline in preparation for the demands of Secondary School.




The amount of homework for children will be different according to their age and will increase as children move up the school.  Some children with specific needs may receive more/ less/ different homework.  This table is a guide and an indication of how long a child should be spending working on their homework. 


Year Group Reading (Everyday) Spelling Grammar and Punctuation Handwriting Maths Facts (i.e Times Tables) Other Maths activities
Early Years 10 mins Words sent home        
Year 1 10 mins 5 words sent home to learn        
Year 2 10 mins 5 - 10 10 minutes per week 5 minutes per week 5 minutes every day  
Year 3 15 mins 10        
Year 4 15 mins 10 - 15        
Year 5 20 mins 10 - 20        
Year 6 20 mins 10 - 20        



On occasions, other projects and tasks may be set, that are relevant to the children’s learning in class.


 Year 1-6 will be provided with a Blue Homework Exercise Book in which to complete written homework tasks. EYFS have a blue homework folder.

 Homework will be set on a Monday and every child will receive a homework sheet to stick inside their blue Homework Exercise Book.

 Homework will be handed in every Friday and marked ready to be returned the following Monday.

 All children will be provided with a school reading book for taking home (in line with their independent reading ability) and a Reading Record book for parents to sign when they have heard their child read.

 In Year 2 and above, spellings will be sent home each week on a Wednesday and a formal test will be given on a Wednesday.

 Handwriting tasks set will be in line with the St Thomas More Catholic Primary School Handwriting Policy.



Homework Club


Homework Club will run weekly on a Wednesday after school until 4:00 pm if children wish to complete some of their homework at school. Homework will:

 increase as children get older;

 be interesting;

 be in line with the National Curriculum 2014 age-related expectations apart from when children need to revise objectives from previous year groups;

 be encouraged by a positive approach from teachers;

 require a supportive approach from parents/ carers at home;

 be marked by the class teacher/ TA when handed in on time.


Difficulties with Homework


Children should be encouraged to discuss any problems they are having with their teachers. Unfinished or uncompleted tasks will need to be finished on Monday lunchtime. Teachers will keep a record of homework and if a child does not complete their homework on 3 occasions or more, concerns will be discussed with parents.