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St Thomas More Catholic Primary School

Inspiration, Celebration and Education

Year 6 Jeremiah

Mock Trial Competition for Primary Schools

Year 6 had the amazing opportunity to compete in the Mock Trials competition. Y6 Jeremiah took on the role of the Prosecution Team, while Y6 Isaiah took on the role of the Defence Solicitors. We took some time to read and study the case and began to formulate questions. We then rehearsed by competing against each other before then going to the Council Chambers to compete against different schools. We had a great time. It taught us the importance of thinking on our feet and being prepared. It also taught us about the legal system and about ensuring we speak loudly and clearly so we can be heard.

Mary Procession

What important decisions will you have to make in the next ten years?

Year 6 Celebrating The King's Coronation

British Science Week - Year 6 investigated how sound travels through particles in sounds, liquids and gases.

World Book Day 2023

Alice In Wonderland Dance workshop

Thank you Katie for today's fabulous retelling of Lewis Carroll's classic novel through the medium of dance.

Year 6 celebrate their individuality by 'dressing to express' at the end of Children's Mental Health Week

Another fabulous session with our local PC - thanks for helping keep us all informed and safe when online.

Children's Mental Health Week

During this year's Children's Mental Health Week we looked at the 5 Ways of Wellbeing with the  focus being on 'connecting'. The poem 'Together' by Matt Goodfellow was our inspiration for our class paperchains. 


On the 7th February Roctopus came into our school and each class was able to create a brand new song. We began by picking the chords—we selected FGAD. Then we came up with lyrics and dance moves. Our song was based on our school virtues—DILLIGENT and ATTENTIVE. When writing our lyrics we thought about situations when we find things tricky and have to show diligence and try our best. We considered the struggle and the solution. After writing the lyrics, we created dance moves. We had lots of fun practicing  our dance moves while we learnt the song. Finally, we recorded our song for a music video. 

STEM Glider Challenge

We recently took part in the 'Road to RIAT STEM Glider Challenge' –  where we go to showcase our Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths skills.

Composing Music...

Wow, what a treat we have had today! We were joined by  musicians Josh and Ellie, who played us music through the ages on their keyboard and violin. They were amazing! We loved singing along to the songs we were familiar with, especially ‘We Don’t Talk About Bruno’.


We learnt some key musical words:
Major - happy sounds
Minor - sad sounds
Pitch means how high or low a sound is.
Dynamic means how loud or quiet a sound is.
Tempo means how slow or fast it is.
Legato means a smooth sound and means a staccato spiky.

We then made our own
musical composition using these key features.

El Dia de los Muertos and World Food Day

Year 6 Learning our prayers in Spanish

Thank you for all the wonderful donations towards this year's 'wear green' campaign for World Mental Health Day

On Friday 7th October Year 6 went to the Cheltenham Literature Festival. We had a great day. It all started with our session with the author Louie Stowell. She is the author of the book series all about Loki. During her session, she showed us how to draw the book characters like she does. We all used our imagination to give her ideas to create new gods with new powers and ideas. After our session, we went to the Wild Woods to explore and follow the trail to find the clues. Some of us solved puzzles and clues set by GCHQ in their den. 

Cheltenham Literature Festival

Reflection or Refraction? Six Year were blown away by our Amazing Arrow experiment and Periscope making sessions