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St Thomas More Catholic Primary School

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Welcome to Genesis class.  Please enjoy having a look through our work and photographs.  Our main aim in Reception is to learn through hands-on experiences and play-based work.  The learning and tasks we do are focused on developing our language, personal and social development and other important skills, such as reading and writing so we are well equipped for the future!

Reception Suggested Reading List

Home Learning Ideas


The children will be bringing home their Home Learning books this week with some optional activities that you could try at home related to our new theme.  These tasks should be fun, interesting and not a laborious task.  All we ask is that they try to present their work neatly as they do at school.  Our new theme is 'All Things Wild' based around the story of 'The Gruffalo' by Julia Donaldson and stories and non-fiction books about 'Minibeasts'.

These are the 45 High Frequency words that Reception children should know how to read and spell by the end of the year.  Please practise a few of these daily.  The list was given out at parents evening.

We are practising recognising and ordering numbers to 20.  Please try these games at home with your children:


Here is a video of the new Set 2 sounds we are learning at school.  You should have had the new sounds sheet in your child's book bag.  Please let me know if you need another copy. I've also added the set 1 sounds video for any new children. The link to our RWI Key information page is also below where it has copies of the words your children are learning and general information about supporting your child with their reading.


Many thanks, Mrs Davis

Making Porr​​​idge for Goldilocks


We were shocked to see some CCTV footage of Goldilocks sneaking into our classroom.  We think she was looking for porridge so we learnt some instructions with 'Talk 4 Writing' and then made porridge and wrote a set of instructions to send to her.  Hopefully, she can make her own porridge from now on!

World Book Day


We had so much fun dressing up of World Book Day and Mrs Davis, Mrs Hope and Mrs Rankinen came as 'Pirates Love Underpants'.  With that in mind, we read the story and designed underpants for the pirates and made treasure maps, which was linked to our maths learning about positional language.  We hid our jewels outside and gave our partners directions to find them.  

We made bread rolls for the Little red Hen after getting a letter and the recipe from her in the post. We had to carefully measure the ingredients and follow the instructions.  Afterwards, we got to take our bread rolls home.  Delicious!

Making Bread Rolls for the Little Red Hen

The Three Little Pigs

We've been having fun with our new challenges, building houses for the Three Little Pigs, setting traps to catch the wolf and making a den so we could keep a close eye on that sneaky wolf with our binoculars!

I Love Reading Day!

We had such a fun day reading lots of stories, choosing a story to listen to and learning about the author Julia Donaldson.  Our families were invited in at the end of the day to share and read our favourite stories.  We even got to show them the story we'd been learning at school...The Three Little Pigs! 

Comparing lengths

The People at the Nativity

We've been learning about the First ever Christmas when Jesus was born. We looked and the figures in the Nativity scene and Mrs Davis told us the story of Jesus' birth.  After that we acted out parts of the story and labelled the figures in the crib scene.
Wooo Woooo full steam ahead!  This was exactly what we did when we got on the Perrygrove Railway train.  We sang Christmas songs, played in the outdoor play trail and explored the indoor village.  After lunch we met a Christmas elf who sat us down to read us a story when suddenly we heard some bells and out of the chimney popped father Christmas!  We were amazed and excited to see him.  He read us a story and asked us what we'd like for Christmas and we were all lucky enough to get a present.  Thanks father Christmas!

A visit from the Police!

Wow!  We got really hands on today and experienced what it would be like to work in a hospital.  We could come to school dressed as a doctor, nurse or paramedic and then we got to change our classroom into a hospital for the day.  First we thought about what we would see in a hospital, then we thought about what departments there would be.  Next, we collected all the things we could use to make our hospital and finally we got to role play in it, moving from department to department.  We made: a waiting room, a ward, an operating theatre, a pharmacy, a baby care unit, and A&E department and an X-Ray theatre.  It was the best day ever!