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St Thomas More Catholic Primary School

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About Pre-School

Secret Storytellers


We are encouraging a love of early reading in Pre-school by inviting secret storytellers into our setting and reading a story to the children.

'The Tiger Who Came to Tea ' February 2022

We have had great fun this week in Pre-school reading the story 'The Tiger who came to tea'. We were very excited as Mrs Tippen our Headteacher came to read the story to us and we had a surprise visitor from the tiger! We had our very own tiger tea party and the tiger drank all the tea from our tea pot!

Happy New Year - Term 3 January 2022 



Chinese New Year - The year of the Tiger 2022.

We travelled to China; we made traditional Chinese hats, lanterns and flags, we danced to Chinese music and we tasted delicious Chinese foods. We even tried eating our fried rice and noodles using chop-sticks! 

Hello to term 2 2021 - 'Wonders of the Night'


This term our children have shown an interest in space, dark, fireworks and planets.  This has driven our new topic; Wonders of the Night. We have been carrying out lots of fun firework dancing to Katy Perrys' 'Firework' song and using colourful scarves outdoors.


Welcome Term 1 September 2021


We are proud of our new starters, they have settled in well and are learning our Preschool rules and routines as well as having lots of fun and making friends.

Term 1 topic overview - " This is me "

Term 6 topic overview 2021 - Commotion in the ocean.



Our children learn through play. The majority of a session will be made up of free-play time and the room and furniture is arranged so that children can access the toys and equipment they wish to play with themselves. There is a focus on becoming independent for example accessing own activities and making own choices.


Children are regularly consulted about decisions that affect them for example what they would like for snack or any new equipment we may be ordering.   They have daily access to the outdoor environment and operate free-flow whenever possible.  We encourage children to take risks within a safe environment to challenge themselves for example attempting something new with adult support. We will make time for group time where children can sit together in their key groups and listen to one another and try a new activity planned by their key carer who knows them well. This introduces the children to new ideas and allows them to try new things for example taking on a role in acting out a favourite story.