Year 2 – Samuel

Welcome to Year 2 2017.


We hope you had a wonderful summer holiday. In Samuel class this year your teacher will be Miss Marley and your teaching assistants will be Mrs Hope, Mrs Watts and Mrs McDonald. Sometimes Mrs Bracey will teach you too.


Please click Year 2   to read our class newsletter for this autumn term 2017. In this newsletter you will learn all about our new class name, the learning we will be focusing on this term, routines and reminders for homework and spelling plus important dates for your diary. Keep checking back for some more new learning as we progress this term.

Year 2

Maths is FUN!

We use practical resources to help us understand new concepts!


Themed Learning in Y2!

This autumn term our theme is The Lion King! We will be learning about what animals need to survive and animal habitats. We will learn the difference between carnivores and herbivores and how animals are adapted to their environments.




Y2 The Lion King – Terms 1 and 2 2015




Y2 are enjoying a more hands-on approach to learning in mathematics lessons 🙂


DSC06478What numbers have we made?





Year 2 theme – Term 3 and 4 2015

… Jurassic Park


Year 2 have been learning about dinosaurs this term. They started learning about different periods of time focussing on how long ago dinosaurs were around and how the world has changed in prehistory. Following on from this, the class were curious about what happened to the dinosaurs and hence have identified various reasons for their extinction. The children have also used their creative skills in music to represent the possible reasons for extinction.


[dmalbum path=”/wp-content/uploads/dm-albums/Y2 dinosaurs/”/]


Year 2 will move on to exploring fossils and they will experience what it might be like being a palaeontologist. Learning about environments will enable children to undertake some descriptive writing comparing settings in today’s society and that of prehistory. In addition, the class will learn about different dinosaurs; their size,  attributes and diet. There are numerous DT, art, writing and maths skills incorporated within this theme.



Year 2 theme – Term 3 and 4 2014

… Charlie and the chocolate factory



Year 2 theme – Term 1 and 2

…Queen and Country


2016-09-29-08-30-26Year 2 themed door


This term year 2 have been continuing their theme of Queen and Country. We have looked at local habitats and the creatures that might live there. We have been on a nature walk and completed leaf rubbings and written some mini beast poems.

In numeracy we have been looking at odd and even numbers, 2d shapes, addition with numbers up to 100 and other calculations. We have also been focussing on time as a class target.

During our literacy lessons we have focused on story writing linked with our theme and wrote adventure stories about the queen. We have also written information booklets about castles past and present and leaflets about our local habitat.

ICT in Year 2

[dmalbum path=”/wp-content/uploads/dm-albums/Year 2 animation/”/]

In Year 2, our ICT lessons this term, involve creating a simple animation using the 2animate software.

Initially the children learnt how a moving picture is made from a series of images drawn in separate frames.  This was illustrated by making a Victorian style ‘flick book’ whereby ‘Mr Mole’ from the Wind in the Willows moved his arm up and down.  The same concept applies to the computer software. The children are in the process of learning how to repeat an image and change one part of each frame to convey movement.  In the example a stick figure is doing arm stretching exercises! We are now going to develop our animation work with more complex designs.

PE in Year 2

[dmalbum path=”/wp-content/uploads/dm-albums/Year 2 dance/”/]

In Year 2 we have been developing a dance about the weather and seasons.

An aspect of the dance is to work with a partner to develop a repeated sequence. As we can’t talk during a dance sequence story our emotions have to be conveyed by gesture.

In this picture Eulalie is showing how to use facial expressions to convey a mood.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]