Year 2 – Samuel

Welcome to Year 2 2017-18


We hope you had a wonderful summer holiday. In Samuel class this year your teacher will be Miss Marley and your teaching assistants will be Mrs Hope, Mrs Watts and Mrs McDonald. Sometimes Mr Bracey will teach you too.


Please click Year 2   to read our class newsletter for this autumn term 2017. In this newsletter you will learn all about our new class name, the learning we will be focusing on this term, routines and reminders for homework and spelling plus important dates for your diary. Keep checking back for some more new learning as we progress this term.



Term 1

Our first few weeks in Year Two have gone by very quickly.

We have been busy in Maths working practically to develop our place value understanding. To do this we use practical resources including dienes sticks, place value counters, coins and the outdoor area.



English has involved completing some top secret Big Writing Agency Missions. Planning A Day Out was Mission 1. Our friend Avani from America wanted some advice as she planned her very first visit to the UK. We recommended some great places for Avani to visit using descriptions, adjectives and our senses so Avani and her dad Kamran could really imagine being in these places.

Disaster struck… during Avani’s visit to Bristol Zoo after our recommendation a cheeky monkey stole her hat. What naughty monkeys they are! Luckily we had learnt all about new vocabulary and sentence types including commands, exclamations and questions to be able to write wanted posters and a letter to the zoo. All was well in the end as Avani’s hat was found and returned to her before she returned to the USA. Using all we had learnt during this mission we then wrote some great top tips about caring for a pet rabbit and enjoying a good day out. Can you guess what we included? Of course…

Keep all of your belongings safe.

We then acted out these top tips to show the bossy verbs we had used and to make sure the reader really understood what we wanted them to do.


Science lead us all around the world as we explored different animals, living things, what it means to be living, habitats animals live in, how animals survive in different habitats and the food chains within each habitat. To bring all of this learning to life we explored micro-habitats in Forest School and now have a half term project to show all we have learnt. We can’t wait to return after half term to show these great projects and explore the habitats in further detail inside the EXPLORER DOME!