Year 3  – Ezra

Welcome to Year 3 2017.


We hope you had a wonderful summer holiday. In Ezra class this year your teacher will be Mr Holmes and your teaching assistants will be Mrs Carr and Mrs Johnson.


Please click Year 3  to read our class newsletter for this autumn term 2017. In this newsletter you will learn all about our new class name, the learning we will be focusing on this term, routines and reminders for homework and spelling plus important dates for your diary. Keep checking back for some examples of  our new learning as we progress this term.

Addition and Subtraction in Columns

We are learning how to subtract one 3-digit number from another, and how to add two 3-digit numbers together.  If you need help with this at home, there are two good videos that explain step by step some methods.

The addition video,, shows how to complete column addition when you have so many ones you have to exchange some for tens.  (Parents, you might have called this ‘carrying’; we call it exchanging because we are exchanging ones for tens).


The subtraction video,, shows how to complete a subtraction when you don’t have enough ones so you have to exchange a ten into ones.  (Parents, you might have called this ‘borrowing’; we call it exchanging because we are exchanging tens for ones).

Sea Life Centre Trip

Year 3 visited the amazing Sea Life Centre as part of this term’s learning about aquatic biomes. This was a fantastic opportunity to see first-hand some of these ocean creatures, and even touch an anemone or stroke a starfish.  Big favourites were the penguins, sharks and guitar fish.  We learned that unicorns really do exist (underwater!) and that otters are the most dangerous of creatures (who knew?)

Y3 Conjunctions

In English, Year 3 have been joining clauses using time conjunctions and causal conjunctions.

We learned that time conjunctions convey when something happened.  Here are some examples from our class:

Brandon: “I went to the swimming pool after I played tennis.”

Poppi: “I got a suntan when I stayed at the Palms Hotel.”

Erin: “I go on holiday whenever it if summertime.”

Lewis: “I went to the beach as soon as I got off the plane.”

Causal conjunctions convey why something happened, for example:

Riley: “My mum bought me an ice-cream because  we are on holiday.”

Kyra: “There were so many restaurants so it was difficult to choose where to eat.”

Harley: “I sat under the palm tree so that I could sit in some shade.”

Themed Learning in Y3!

This Autumn Term, our theme in Y3 is JABBERWOCKY! We will be learning about Biomes, animal adaptations, rivers and we will be learning the Jabberwocky poem in English, amongst other exciting things!

Multiplying  in Y3

[dmalbum path=”/wp-content/uploads/dm-albums/Mulitplication Y3 April/”/]

Y3 have been practising their 3s, 4s and 8s multiplication tables as that’s what we need to know by the end of the year. Some children have been investigating multiplication patterns, too!

We also need to know how to multiply 2 digit by 1 digit numbers e.g. 32×4. We can’t always do these in our heads so some of us have been using partitioning and some children have been using a vertical method. We are having some success but need more practise to make further progress. Y3 love Maths!

Let us Persuade You!- Y3 find out how writers try and persuade us.

Y3 have been reading persuasive leaflets and watching holiday advertisements to see how writers try and persuade us.

They’ve found tempting adjectives and rhetorical questions, amongst other things and are busily magpie-ing ideas for their own writing on Egypt. Next we are going to perform a voiceover for an advert!

[dmalbum path=”/wp-content/uploads/dm-albums/Persuasion/”/]

STM Radio- Y3 present information on Skara Brae!

Y3 have presented a podcast of a non-chronological report for you to learn all about SKARA BRAE! Click below to listen. We retold a non-chronological report using the reportmap in the photograph. Listen along and look!

‘We looked at the pictures on the storymap and we retold it. We didn’t read the text- that’s why we got some bits a little bit muddled. Straight after retelling it, we wrote it in our books.’ Megan Y3.

The whole of the lesson before was practising it!

Skara brae non-chron

skara brae storymap

Y3 examine Non-Chronological Reports in English.

Y3 have been investigating how the structure of a text helps the reader. They’ve examined a non-chronological report about Skara Brae, which is a Stone Age village discovered in Orkney, in Scotland.

As well as finding the features and explaining how they help the reader, we are now all experts on Skara Brae. Why not ask them all about it?DSC08362 DSC08363 DSC08364 DSC08365 DSC08366

More photos to follow…

Y3 investigate VOLUME and DISTANCE in Science!

Y3 braved the Autumn weather to go outside and investigate the relationship between VOLUME and DISTANCE as part of our Science learning about SOUND. We designed the investigation themselves. We decided to use a bell as a sound source and ring it. We used trundle wheels and a long tape measure to measure 5 metres and moved away from the bell. The bell rang again and we scored it out of 10. We repeated this until we were at the other end of the field. We could hear it there, but only just! Although it had just started to rain, learning spirits weren’t dampened! We concluded that the closer the sound, the louder the volume.

Y3 have their Marble Treat!

Because Y3 have been working SO successfully, they have finished their first Marble Jar of the year! We decided to bring our own toys and wear our own clothes or pyjamas. [dmalbum path=”/wp-content/uploads/dm-albums/Marble Treat Y3/”/]


Y3 dress up for the STONE AGE!

We designed and made our own Stone Age tunics. Because we didn’t have animal skins, we used bin bags. However, we did go collecting natural things to decorate them with. What do you think?[dmalbum path=”/wp-content/uploads/dm-albums/Y3 Stone Age Clothing/”/]

Y3 are succeeding at

… RE!

We have been learning about Sacraments in RE and in particular, the Eucharist. By reading the story of Jesus feeding the Five Thousand, we have made links with Holy Communion and how Jesus feeds us in other ways. We painted ‘abstract’ art to show how we felt during Mass. We are very proud of our work! They show our personal experiences and feelings.[dmalbum path=”/wp-content/uploads/dm-albums/Y3 Sacraments/”/]

Y3 are succeeding at


We had a SOUND circus to look for evidence of VIBRATIONS! [dmalbum path=”/wp-content/uploads/dm-albums/Sound circus Y3/”/]

Y3 are succeeding at

… learning to play the recorder!

We love it! We now know how to play a ‘b’ and an ‘a’ and it’s helping us with our science learning, too. Our Science is all about SOUND.DSC07958


Y3 are succeeding at

… reading and writing about STONE AGE BOY!

Here are some opinions about the story we have been learning about in Y3:

Sammy says, ‘It’s a good story because he travels to different time and when he gets back, his family don’t believe him and say he’s only been gone a few hours!’

Tilly-Sue says, ‘He found a girl and she took him to her home and he found out her name was Om.’

Maja says, ‘Om and her family look very strange but they were kind to him and gave him stew.’


Min and Miley retell the story.


Ruby retells her innovated story to Ashton.


Ryan and Megan try and infer what the Stone Age people are doing in an illustration.


Connor and Theo look for Stone Age evidence in an illustration!


Min and Summer find rich vocabulary for their own writing!


Patrick and Julia look for vocabulary that they can use.

Julia says, ‘He sees them making fire, making tools and using them and preparing and using animal skins and drying meat and fish.’

Y3 are succeeding at

… yoga and relaxation!

We are loving swimming on Mondays in Y3. On Tuesday afternoons, we do yoga and relaxation. We have been warming up our bodies and then practising our poses. Last week we focussed on paired work and counter-balances. We have been ending our sessions with some realaxation exercises.

‘I really enjoy our yoga lessons because it’s fun!’ says Maciej.

Olli G says, ‘It is sometimes hard to stay still during relaxation but listening carefully helps us!’

DSC07961 DSC07982 DSC07985

Y3 are succeeding at

… earning Pen Licences!

Y3 are really trying with their neat handwriting at the moment. Some children are even beginning to earn pen licences! Ellie says, ‘I like my new pen licence because I know I do my joining well. There’s only four of us who have them at the moment and it makes me feel happy.’


Well done to Lexi, Amelia and Julia, too! Could you be next?DSC07955

Y3 go to Crickley Hill and have an Iron Age Experience!

Y3 had a great day on Weds 30th September at Crickley Hill Country Park. They visited the Iron Age Hill Fort, where they stormed the ramparts and made shelters in the woods after that! Min says, ‘I learnt that Iron Age people had round houses and we all stood on the marks where the actual posts were!’

Sammy says, ‘I enjoyed the shelter building and wanted to stay overnight because it was such fun in the woods!’

[dmalbum path=”/wp-content/uploads/dm-albums/Crickley Hill/”/]

RE in Y3

… Creation

Y3 recreated the Baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist using drama. Can you tell who is who in these freezeframes?Jesus' Baptism DSC07945 DSC07946 DSC07948 DSC07947

Year 3 Theme – Term 1 and 2 2015

… Littlenose


Littlenose lived long, long ago, when fierce wild animals roamed the land, and it was very cold. His home was a cave, his clothes were made of fur and his pet was a woolly mammoth.

Y3 will be arranging historical events in chronological order, thinking about sources of evidence and comparing our lives with lives in the Stone Age to Iron Age, amongst other exciting activities in their themed learning!

Year 3 theme – Term 5 and 6 2015

… Planet Earth




Year 3 are learning about volcanoes as part of our Planet Earth theme. We went outside with a coke bottle and mints. We didn’t know what was going to happen. Miss Cole put the mints into the coke bottle and suddenly the coke erupted. It was amazing. It helped us to understand a little bit more about volcanoes.

[dmalbum path=”/wp-content/uploads/dm-albums/year 3 volcanoes/”/]

Farm to Fork

Year 3 went to Tesco for the day for a Farm to Fork Trail. We absolutely loved it! We learnt so much. We found out how different fruits and vegetables grow. We also tried lots of different cheeses and fruits in a taster session. You won’t believe it, we even went into the freezer which was -19˚ for 10 seconds. It was very very cold brrrrrr.

[dmalbum path=”/wp-content/uploads/dm-albums/Year 3 farm to fork/”/]

Explorer Dome

The Explorer Dome appeared in the school hall. It was here to help us with our theme. It gave us lots of information and images to look at. We learnt all about the planets and stars. There was a big explosion to show us an exploding star, some of us were scared.

“I loved it when the stars went round and round.” said Lacie.

“It was so great the time flew by.” said Nathan.

[dmalbum path=”/wp-content/uploads/dm-albums/explorers dome/”/]

Year 3 theme – Term 3 and 4 2015

… The Flintstones!


Year 3’s theme this term is called The Flintstones. We are learning all about the Stone Age through to the Iron Age. Can you believe the Stone Age was over 13,000 years ago?

Stone Age Clothing

Year 3 have created their own version of Stone Age clothing. We were allowed to use bin bags, scissors and wool, but nothing else. It was really tricky but we loved doing it!

[dmalbum path=”/wp-content/uploads/dm-albums/stone age clohing/”/]

Cave Paintings


In year 3 we have been sketching our very own cave paintings. We used charcoal to draw hand prints and different animals. This is because the Stone Age people would mark on the cave walls the animals they had hunted. It was very hard but it was fun as well.   

Stone Age Story writing

In our literacy lessons we have been writing our own story based on the start of ‘The Stone Age Boy’. We read the start together and then had to decide how the story would end. Once our stories were finished we created a blurb for the back and designed a front cover. We are very proud of the stories we published!

Year 3/4 theme – Term 3 and 4 2014

… Aztecs!


In our literacy session we freeze framed some of the activities Aztecs would do. Scarlett and Alex were searching and hunting. Erdem was using a bow and arrow. Justin and Joe were being Aztec warriors.
 [dmalbum path=”/wp-content/uploads/dm-albums/Aztec Freeze framing/”/]

Over the next two terms in year 3/4 we will be looking at the Aztecs. We will begin by using our geography skills to find out where they lived and our historical source finding skills to determine what they might have done. As the term progresses we will explore all the different aspects of being an Aztec, including human sacrifice.

Year 3/4 theme – Term 1 and 2 2014

…Magnificent Me!

Year 3/4 themed door

Our theme this term is Magnificent Me. To begin the topic the children have been exploring different animals and classified them using keys. This will develop further as the children investigate themselves! They will work to discover the purpose and function of their skeletons and organs. Trying to decide which organ is the most important will be tricky!

[dmalbum path=”/wp-content/uploads/dm-albums/the body/”/] [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]