English at St Thomas More Catholic Primary School

Big Writing Adventures

At St Thomas More Catholic Primary School we have recently started the highly recommended ‘Big Writing Adventures’ to enthuse and engage children with their learning in English. This scheme puts purpose and audience at the heart of learning. Using interactive online content, imaginative ideas and ‘missions’ for the children to complete, this ensures skills for writing are covered in a fun and meaningful way while ensuring progress from lesson to lesson, week to week, mission to mission and year group to year group.

Big Writing Adventures are built around Ros Wilson’s popular approach to teaching and assessing writing that has been proven to be highly effective.


Click below to view the English whole school overview for this academic year 2017-18 as we begin our first missions.


English Overview


Reading – Project X

In Key Stage Two the children at St Thomas More Catholic Primary School enjoy  effective guided reading sessions following the action, adventure and knowledge of the Project X Origins Team.  This scheme of books has been developed by comprehension experts, it especially engages boys as well as girls and helps every child reach higher standards in reading. Since beginning these reading sessions the children in Key Stage Two have enjoyed how the action-packed adventures with fantastic characters and gadgets tell wonderful fiction stories while then linking to interesting non-fiction topics to broaden their reading choices.


The Project X approach to reading not only engages children but allows teachers to use these resources to develop understanding and awareness of inference, critical thinking, vocabulary and other higher-order comprehension skills due to the clear clear guided reading notes  (matched to UK curricula). In addition to this, from reading and assessment being monitored against the Oxford Reading Criterion Scale, all children not only enjoy their reading but can be closely monitored to ensure good progress is made with next steps identified.


Reading – Project X Code


For children recently transitioning to Key Stage Two or with Special Educational Needs, the Project X Code scheme allows the same mature action, adventure and knowledge to be explored in a differentiated text matched to the individual or group’s level. Thus ensuring all children of all abilities and needs being provided with the opportunity to go on a reading adventure together.


Reading Corners

To foster a love of reading every classroom at St Thomas More Catholic Primary School has a comfortable and well resourced reading corner. To read not only for understanding but pleasure, children are encouraged to choose a book and enjoy reading a variety of genres as well as their age appropriate reading book and guided reading book.

Year Two Reading Garden

 Year Six Reading Corner


To encourage a love of learning further, our recently refurbished library area has been restocked with a range of different books from a variety of genres, authors and cultures. This bright and welcoming communal area of space is enjoyed by many children whether in groups, for quiet reading or to even loan a special book linked to the classroom learning.


KS1 Phonics and Reading – Read, Write, Inc

At St Thomas More Catholic Primary School reading and spelling is taught using the Read, Write, Inc. For lots more detailed information regarding the steps, learning process and spelling and reading patterns please visit our Read, Write, Inc page attached to this menu.