Year 6 – Jeremiah

Dragons’ Den

Hooray! The groups successfully made their pitches and received £50 investment each. Well done to all of the groups involved, we can’t wait for the big event!


Year Six having been working tirelessly to prepare and deliver their Dragons’ Den pitches to the four dragons. Each group has compiled a presentation to demonstrate their product, the investment, sales and profits available to persuade the Dragons to invest in their product.



Welcome to Year 6 2017.


We hope you had a wonderful summer holiday. In Jeremiah class this year your teacher will be Miss Wilson and your teaching assistant will be Miss Ashton.


Please click Year 6  to read our class newsletter for this autumn term 2017. In this newsletter you will learn all about our new class name, the learning we will be focusing on this term, routines and reminders for homework and spelling plus important dates for your diary. Keep checking back for some more new learning as we progress this term.



Dragons’ Den BIG Event

The BIG event took place on Tuesday 29th November. All the children in the school were invited to attend. Parents, Dragons’ and Governors were invited too! Year 6 had a great time selling their products and ideas. Biscuits were sold, games were played and penalties were taken.

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Dragons’ Den Pitches

On the 18th October Year 6 pitched their ideas to four Dragons: Mrs Middlecote, Mr Ratcliffe, Mr McFadden and Mrs Ordish. We showed them our presentations and performed our jingles. We were all successful and were invested in. Each group were given £50 to buy what is needed for their product.

“It was really nerve wracking but once we started it was loads of fun,” said Zuzanna.

“I was really scared at first but I took a deep breath and said my part,” said Rubie.

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All Saints Academy Activities Day

Some of the Year 6 children went to All Saints Academy for an activities day. It gave us experiences of what it would be like to attend a secondary school. The first session was languages, we learnt some French, German and Spanish. Michael said “It was surprisingly easy.” Next was a drama session. In this session we were split into groups and we had to make shapes. For example, washing machine and a giant. It was all based on Roald Dahl. Finally, we ended the day with a history session. During the session we learnt how they would torture people in the Victorian times. One was called the “Spanish Donkey.” “This day was filled with lots of excitement,” said Zuzanna.

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Harvest Liturgy

Year 6 led the first liturgy of the school year all about Harvest and held it in the school hall. Parents, children and staff were invited to attend. Children were asked to bring in donations for Harvest, year 6 will donate these to the Cheltenham Food Bank. During the liturgy year 6 made a tree with their hands explaining how they would brighten up the world.

Year 6 theme – Term 1 and 2 2016

… Stig of the Dump

Our theme this term is Stig of the Dump. We are exploring the story of Barney and Stig through our English sessions. We will be learning about lifecycles, habitats, evolution, inheritance and so much more!


Dragons’ Den Pitches

Year 6 had a very nervous start to their Dragons’ Den pitch day. Fabforce5, FunkyFive and LuckyBears all pitched their product ideas to the three dragons’, in the hope of an investment of £50. After they had delivered their pitches the dragons’ decided who they would invest in. Luckily each group had an investor. Mr Ratcliffe invested in FunkyFive, Mrs Middlecote invested in LuckyBears and Mrs Ordish invested in FabForce5. All year 6 were thrilled and excited for the BIG DAY!

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Careers Session

We had a visit from some people from All Saints Academy who talked to us about future careers. We tried to name jobs for each letter of the alphabet. For example A is for Ambulance driver, B is for builder, C is for Chef and so on. It really got us thinking about jobs for the future.


Dragons’ Den Workshop

We had an exciting visit from the marketing team from Endsleigh, along with Mr Ratcliffe. They taught us how to market our products by using the five P’s: promotion, price, product, packaging and positioning. We can’t wait to get started!

“It was very interesting! It has helped me to feel more confident about Dragons’ Den.” said Owen.

“It has given me some extra ideas to help with marketing our product.” said McCauley.


Year 6 theme – Term 1 and 2 2015

… Dragons’ DenDSC06140

Our theme this term is Dragons’ Den. This exciting theme gives the children the opportunity to become an entrepreneur. Initially the children will participate in workshops about marketing and budgeting. They will then create a product to pitch to the Dragons’. After lots of marketing their product will be sold at the BIG EVENT to make a profit!

Year 6 theme – Term 5 and 6 2015

… On With the Show


Our theme this term (after SATs!) is ‘On with the show!’ We will be working on rehearsing and performing ‘Joseph and his Amazing  Technicolor Dreamcoat’. Last term we were lucky to see this show at The Everyman Theatre in Cheltenham. It was amazing, colourful and breath-taking! So far, we have started listening to and singing some of the songs. We need to audition for parts and start rehearsals for real soon! There will parts on the stage but lots of planning off the stage- like props, costumes, technical roles and so on. We are really looking forward to it! Filip and Jessica Y6

Joseph Prep

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More hard work on the Joseph scenery and props!

Mock Trials

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The Y6s were excellent in the Mock Trials at the Council Chamber on Tuesday 16th June. They had a tough time being interrogated by the children from other schools but tried to give as good as they got!

Sam and Pip (our fictional defendants) were found guilty, but some very valuable lessons were learnt and the prosecution and defence cases were both very convincing!

 Mock Trials Preparation

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The Y6s practised HARD for their Mock Trials. Some thought of every convincing argument they could in order to persuade the court of their innocence, whilst others spent their time finding evidence for the guilt of Sam and Pip. The case was about sending harassing emails to Jo Parsons, another fictional character.

Maths Problem Solving

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Y6 have been keeping their Maths brains busy by doing a morning problem solving task. We’ve found all possibilities for scores on different dartboards, worked out how many jumps it takes to move to the other end of a queue and calculated the distance ion different cycle tours! It certainly wakes us up in the morning.


[dmalbum path=”/wp-content/uploads/dm-albums/y6 athletics 2015/”/]

Y6 are LOVING their athletics in the sun, this term. We’ve got some excellent throwers, jumpers and runners so watch out on Sports Day!

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SATs have only just finished and Mrs Griffin’s creative juices are already flowing towards the Joseph backdrop! We are excited!


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This week was SATs week. We were helped through this by our special free breakfast club because it gave us energy. We also had extra play which gave us fresh air and made sure we had woken up before our tests! Before this week arrived, we revised a lot to make sure we were confident and could try our hardest by being prepared. We are relieved it is over and are now looking forward to PGL and Joseph!

Millie and Julia


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Madame Attlee comes to every class in KS2 each week to teach French; she usually teaches at Pates. She gives us fun tasks to do like sorting cards and playing games. She teachers us to speak French and helps us to read it sometimes. This week we learnt about how to talk about our families.

Dawid and Lewis

Year 6 theme – Term 3 and 4 2015

… The Firework-Maker’s Daughter


Our theme in Y6 is ‘The Firework-Maker’s Daughter’. This is a novel which is set in a country in the East; possibly China. It is a story about Lila, who wants to be a firework-maker like her father but he has other ideas. We will be writing in role as Lila, describing characters from the story, debating decisions made and using ambitious vocabulary from the text to write poems, to mention but a few activities!

We are also studying the Shang Dynasty of Ancient China. We are going to be looking at different historical sources and questioning and comparing their reliability, and trying to persuade each other to agree with our point of view. We will be looking at how archaeological evidence tells us about the Shang society and how the Shang Dynasty created the first writing in Ancient China; something that we know from the finds of archaeologists, including ‘Oracle Bones’. We will be creating our own ‘Ancient’ bones to divine the future! We will be finding out what life was like for an ordinary person in the Shang Dynasty and considering how the Shang Dynasty ended, by writing diary entries and questioning whether the decisions of a Shang warrior were the right ones!

Yoga in Y6 by Kara Heaney

Yoga in Y6 is spectacular; starting with a steady breathing session to warm up. This technique is also good for when you are in a yoga position, rather than just holding your breath. Body posture is also extremely important while doing yoga. Your back should be straight, your legs crossed or in a comfortable position and then you will have no pain and you will be able to breathe properly.

After the breathing practise, we get into partners and explore some yoga poses- some are quite challenging! Following our yoga, we do a relaxation and meditation to make sure our muscles aren’t tense and to prepare us for the next day of hardworking. ‘Yoga helps me relax and I really enjoy it,’ said Courtney Juggins.

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Gym in Y6 by Kara Heaney

Gym is also an amazing sport, and making sure we are safe is also very important. Our fantastic PE coaches are supportive and ready. They demonstrate in a safe way and what we should (and shouldn’t) do.

First of all, we start off with a warm up and exercises then we use the equipment and apparatus to help us develop our skills. After just a few weeks, we became more and more independent in our skills, thanks to our wonderful coaches!

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Songwriting Charity Feb 2015

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On Monday 9th February, we had a brilliant experience which we had never had before. We have never written a song before and now we have! Ben and Kat came from the Songwriting Charity and taught us about RESILIENCE. We didn’t know what it was at first, but now, we know it is to do with self-control and dealing with issues. We wrote a song, which is something we didn’t know we could do. It is called, ‘Resilience Hero’ and is on SOUNDCLOUD! Please click the link below to hear it and GIVE IT A LIKE! Can you recognise the voices of anyone singing?

By Maxx and Courtney Y6

See More…


Y6 see Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat at the Everyman

On Thursday 5th February, Y6 were lucky enough to have an exciting experience; we went to see Joseph and the Amazing Techicolor Dreamcoat at the Everyman theatre in Cheltenham. When we got to the theatre, we weren’t too sure how interested we would be but then all the lights came on! It was really good- we even got up at the end and started singing and dancing and jumping up and down. We would love to go again because it was SPECTACULAR. In fact, we were inspired to start thinking about our Y6 show at the end of the year… Watch this space! By Lauren and Jessica Y6

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Lila and Lalchand Role Play

[dmalbum path=”/wp-content/uploads/dm-albums/Y6 lila and lalchand role play/”/]

As part of our English learning, Y6 explored the character of Lila in ‘The Firework Maker’s Daughter’ by role-playing in character. In pairs, one of us was Lalchand (Lila’s Father) and one of us was Lila.

In order to be successful in our learning, we needed to show empathy for the characters by improvising in role and use the text to help us give evidence and explanation for our points.

The characters had very differing opinions so it got quite animated! Lila wanted to be a firework maker like her Father, because she was developing some good skills and wanted to get better but Lalchand thought she should try and find a husband instead, as it could be a dangerous and filthy job. We weighed up the evidence and discussed who we agreed with.  Lila’s point of view got the most support amongst the Y6 children!

Christmas Light Art

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As part of our learning in RE, Y6 created a picture that and explored the meaning of the line in John’s Gospel, Chapter 1: Verse 5 “the light shines in the darkness and the darkness could not overcome it”.

We noticed that John’s gospel is the only one that does not start with the story of the birth of Jesus but instead talks about ‘The Word’ becoming flesh- Jesus’ incarnation. We discussed what this meant and how Jesus is a light in our lives.

Rambishi’s Jungle Grill Adverts

[dmalbum path=”/wp-content/uploads/dm-albums/Rambishis Jungle Grill Adverts/”/]

Y6 wrote and performed persuasive television adverts for ‘Rambishi’s Jungle Grill’. Rambishi is a pirate (not a very good one) in ‘The Firework-Maker’s Daughter’ who likes to make money through as many methods as possible. Due to his river taxi business not really thriving (they nearly sank!) he decided to open up a restaurant to sell fish caught in the lake.

In order to be successful in their learning, Y6 needed to try and use a variety of persuasive text features (e.g. a jingle, repetition and emphasising connectives) and use clear and confident voices and body language.

A highlight was Kara, Karli, Evelyn, Lewis and Mateusz’s jingle to the tune of ‘In the jungle, the mighty jungle’!

Chinese Writing

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In China, writing was first invented during the Shang Dynasty.

Y6 have been comparing our writing to this ancient writing. We discovered it used symbols for whole words or part of a word, instead of an alphabet. It also ran from top to bottom instead of left to right.

Evidence of this writing was found on Oracle Bones. The oracle bones were used by kings to divine the future. These were usually made from the shoulder blades of large animals such as oxen, but were sometimes turtle shells.

We asked our own questions using symbols and painted them!


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We love PE in Y6!

On Mondays, the coaches from St Peter’s come. We warm up and do stretches. This term we have been doing gymnastics including apparatus but next term we are doing dance. During the autumn, we did passing and throwing and ball games.  On Wednesdays, we have been doing yoga and  relaxation after a team game to warm up. We know that doing PE helps us to keep fit and if we have got healthy bodies, we feel good! We are looking forward to PE in Y7, as we think it will be even more challenging! By Julia and Kyle


Year 6 theme – Term 3 and 4 2014

… Pig heart boy


Main text – ‘Pig Heart Boy’ by Malorie Blackman. Researching author and writing biography and understanding the differences between biography and autobiography. Writing diaries in the first person, newspaper reports in the third person, formal and informal letters, balanced discussions, non-chronological reports , interviews, conversations, stories, explanations and poetry.
Micro-organisms – Understand that there are 3 types of microbe and some are harmful but some can be useful especially in the food industry e.g. yeast in bread.  Children will participate in experiments to understand the impact of germs spreading and what we can do to protect ourselves.
In History, children learn that vaccinations help prevent a range of infections and will understand that Edward Jenner was instrumental in developing life protecting vaccines.
In Geography, children will learn to research diseases and vaccinations from around the world and will create an information leaflet for tourists travelling abroad. Children will plan a trip around the world identifying the risk of specific diseases and the vaccinations needed.

Year 6 theme – Term 1 and 2

…Dragon’s Den

Year 6 themed door

November 2013

As part of Year 6’s theme they are working in teams to design and promote unique products and services. Here are the posters each team have designed…

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