Our Patron Saint

Our school is named after St Thomas More, one of the Catholic Church’s many Christian heroes, who was brought to the public’s attention in the play and film ‘A Man for all Seasons’.

Born in London in 1478, St Thomas More studied as a lawyer and later was appointed as High Chancellor of England by King Henry VIII.  As a family man, public servant and writer, he displayed a rare combination of human warmth and Christian wisdom.  When he refused to accept Henry VIII as supreme head of the Church of England and was opposed to the King’s divorce, he was imprisoned in the Tower of London.  After fifteen months imprisonment he was finally charged with treason before being beheaded on 6th July 1535.  He went to his death with unshakable faith, great heroism and profound charity.

It is St Thomas More’s courage, belief in Christianity and profound charity that provides our school with daily inspiration at a time when Christian ideals are increasingly called into question.