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St Thomas More Catholic Primary School

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Your Child’s First Days at School

Starting school is a very important time for you, your child and the school.  A happy start leads to your child enjoying their school career, keeps them motivated and engaged in all aspects of their education.  To achieve a successful start and help build your child’s independence, it is essential that we work with you as their parent or carer to make their first days at school smooth and rewarding.


When children start school for the first time, they join us in September at the start of the school year in which they have their fifth birthday.  As parents and carers, you will be invited to be part of a structured transition programme, providing you with all the information you require, helping you with the home school transition for your child.


We hold a ‘Welcome Meeting’ for parents and carers, which includes information giving about the transition into school and the EYFS curriculum.  Shortly after this meeting, children will be invited to meet their class for the first time at a Stay and Play session.  This helps familiarise children with the school.


In the Autumn Term, the Foundation Stage teaching team will carry out home visits to observe the child in their most familiar surroundings – at home.  Soon after this, children begin the transition into school with half days and then lunchtimes and then full days.  Children will be at school full time within two weeks.

Partnership with Parents


From the start of your child’s education, we want to promote a good ‘Partnership with Parents’. We understand that you are your child’s first educator and we are here to support you. Your child’s overall development and progress relies on regular communication between our staff and you as parents. By exchanging information, we will gain a clearer picture of each individual child.


Our regular structured conversations give parents and carers the opportunity to talk through your child’s progress and we can answer any questions you may have. However, we are always here for you to talk to.

Stay and Plays


You are invited to come in during the school day and experience life in EYFS – this will also give your child the chance to show you what they can do.

How you can help us and your child at home…


  • Talk to your child about starting school and encourage them to say how they are feeling.
  • Promote a little independence at home e.g. hand washing, toileting and dressing.
  • Ask your child about their day at school and address any concerns. Keep an open dialogue with me!
  • Encourage your child to look at the early picture books sent home.
  • Bring in a drink bottle for your child daily (labelled please)
  • Label all items of school uniform
  • Fruit

Home Visits


  • We would very much like to visit you and your child at home as this is the ideal situation to chat and find out about your child. We believe that it is a valuable opportunity for both parent and child to discuss any concerns or pass on information in a relaxed atmosphere. A ‘Home to School’ record will be completed during this visit.
  • To book a time slot please see Mrs Davis.