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Year 4 Esther

Welcome to Year 4 Esther (Miss Copson's Class)


This term, our units include Multiplication and Division in maths, Charlotte's Web in English, Sound in Science and Maya and the Romans in history! Ask us what we have been learning!

Year 4 Esther

Science - making instruments

We have finished our 'Sound' unit by making our own musical instruments.  We had to make an instrument where we could change the pitch and amplitude of the sound.  We challenged ourselves to make an instrument where the sound could be made in several ways.

Wellbeing Afternoons

Friday afternoons are 'Wellbeing Afternoons'.  From playing games to making birdfeeders, we enjoy a screen free afternoon connecting and boosting our wellbeing. 

Multicultural Afternoon - India

Indian lanterns, masks and our Taj Mahal artwork.

Science - Absorbing Sound

We have been asked by a band to help them sound proof their studio.  We set up an experiment to see which material would best absorb sound.  We lined a box in material, covered the music player and recorded how loud the sound was.  We used the same song to make it fair and measured the sound in Decibels.  Ask us all about it!

Multicultural Afternoon - Australia

We have been learning about Australian life and culture.  We learnt about traditions, animals and famous landmarks. 

RE - Our interpretations of the Transfiguration

Fun in the snow!

Multicultural afternoons - Japan

Science - exploring pitch

We have been learning about 'sound' in science.  We explored how to change the pitch of a sound on different instrument families - percussion, wind and string.  We learnt that pitch means how high or low the sound is and amplitude means how loud or quiet a sound is.

Multicultural Afternoons - France

Our class hamster, Snowball, enjoying his treat!

Geography - Biomes

We have been exploring the world's 6 main biomes.  We identified what they were and then we labelled them on a world map.

History - Mayas

In History, we have been learning about the Maya people and their lives in the rainforest.  We made our own Maya Temple.  We have explored what it is like to live in a rainforest, the pros and cons and then identified the possible reasons for the Maya people to leave the rainforest.

Multicultural Afternoons - Egypt

We have been comparing life in Ancient Egypt to how people live today - it is very different! We researched the pyramids and explored what we would put in our own Pyramid.  We then plotted the key features on a map.

Multicultural Afternoons - Visiting Kenya

We learned about life and wildlife in Kenya.  We made African necklaces, drums and some beautiful silhouette paintings.

Our class Christmas window display

History - Alexander The Great

We are being fantastic historians. We are researching Alexander the Great to find out why he was so great!  Ask us what we've learnt.

English - Instructions

Today we followed instructions to make a paper plate Christmas tree. Tomorrow we will write our own instructions so other people can make it too!

RE - Jesse Tree

In RE, we have learnt about the Jesse Tree. Today we created our own symbol for God and added it on to our tree. We will add to it throughout Advent.

Science - States of Matter

Here we are acting out the different states of matter in Science.  Can you work out which picture represents a solid, a liquid or a gas?

Group Liturgy

A huge well done to these children for planning and leading a class Collective a worship about Noah and his Ark!

History - Greek Warfare

We are Ancient Greek Hoplite soldiers! Here we are in the Phalanx formation. Ask us all about it!

Rainy Day PE

A wet afternoon PE lesson. We are practising our balancing by picking up hoops whilst stood on one foot.

Anti-bullying Week

Odd Sock day - we are celebrated us all being unique!

Science - Investigating electrical conductors and insulators

DT - Money Containers

Our DT unit is ‘Money Containers’. So far, we have looked at a range of money containers and thought about their features and who may use them. Today we are practising running stitch, back stitch and oversewing stitch in preparation to design and make our own money container.


Science - Electrical conductors and insulators

We set up an experiment to test which items were an electrical conductor and which were an electrical insulator.  An electrical conductor lets the electrical current flow round the circuit.  An electrical insulator blocks the current and makes the circuit incomplete.

Our Remembrance Liturgy

Due to COVID, we could not share our Liturgy in the normal way. Instead we filmed it and shared it with the classes and our families on Class Dojo.


We then led a whole school reflection outside to mark the 11th hour, of the 11th day, of the 11th month. Each class laid a wreath or cross on our Reflective Area.  Miss Copson could not have been prouder of us!


Today, and everyday, We Will Remember.

Science - Electricity

We are learning about electricity in Science.  We have been exploring complete and incomplete circuits.

History - Ancient Greeks

In English, we have been learning about the features of instructions.  We started our unit by following instructions to make a dragon from one paper plate.

History - Egyptian Artefacts

We couldn’t believe it when our classroom had been turned into an Egyptian museum! We had a great time investigating some of the contents of Tutankhamun’s tomb using historical sources.  We looked closely at the sources and predicted what they were and why they were put in Tutankhamun's tomb.  We then researched the real answers.

Some of our learning this term!

Wellbeing Week

Wellbeing Week

Last week, we celebrated Wellbeing Week at St Thomas More.  We completed activates based on the 5 Ways of Wellbeing to boost our happiness and mental health. 

Connect: During PSHCE, we spent time playing games as a class to connect with each.  This made is feel happy and boosted our wellbeing!

Be Active: We completed Joe Wicks workouts and Cosmic Kids Yoga stories as well as our usual PE lessons.  Exercise is so important to keep our bodies and minds feeling healthy!

Take Notice: During our class Liturgy’s this week, we focused on taking notice of God’s wonderful world.  We went on nature hunts, did bark rubbings and played I-Spy to name but a few activities!

Keep Learning:  We learnt about the importance of looking after our mental and physical health and learnt tools and tips to help us feel positive and well!

Give:  We know giving to others not only helps the person feel good, but also ourselves! We drew pictures and wrote messages to give to someone we love.  We also raised money to give to charity!

To end our week, we all dressed in yellow as part of the Young Minds ‘Hello Yellow’ campaign! We raised an amazing £76.32  for this fantastic charity!


Our sunflowers - inspired by Vincent Van Gogh

In art this term, we have been inspired by Van Gogh.  We have used sketching pencils to sketch artwork in the style of Van Gogh.  We then explored tints and shades with acrylic paints.  We used what we had learnt to create these art pieces focusing on the use of lines.

Maths - Classifying 2D shapes

In our geometry unit, we have been learning the properties of 2D shapes including a rhombus, parallelogram, kite, trapezium and 4 different triangles! We then worked in groups to classify them based on their properties.

Science - We investigated how water is transported in plants

We worked in groups to set up an experiment to see how water travels through a plant.  We put food colouring in a cup, added a small amount of water and then added a carnation and a piece of celery.  We then waited for the plants to change colour!
We mixed mud, water and straw together to make daub (we left out the poo!). We then covered the hut in the Forest School area (wattle) to make a Bronze Age home.