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St Thomas More Catholic Primary School

Inspiration, Celebration and Education

Meeting Individual’s Needs

At St Thomas More we believe that all children have the right to a broad and balanced curriculum allowing them to become well rounded individuals. We believe in inclusion for all and aim to make our curriculum interactive, fun and relevant meeting the needs of all groups of children from Special Educational Needs to Gifted and Talented.


At St Thomas More we are lucky to have an experienced Child and Family Action Worker who supports children and families with social and emotional needs. The CAFAW supports parents/carers in attending appointments with other professionals and guides and provides our families with opportunities to improve their social situations.


Special Educational Needs


Children identified as having a special educational need will be monitored and observed by the school’s inclusion manger. Once an initial assessment of additional support is made the inclusion manager liaises with the family/carers to discuss how the school can support their child’s needs and help them to close the gap and continue to make progress. A Learning Passport will be developed, setting short term targets for that child to achieve and these will be reviewed and monitored with parents and professionals on a termly basis.  If further support is required, the child will have a My Plan + that will set targets linked to advice and guidance received from the support and guidance of external agencies. On occasions these plans will be sent to SEN casework to apply for an Education, Care and Health plan for the child. If allocated, the child will receive additional funding to support 1:1 help.


Gifted and Talented children


Children who are excelling significantly within their year group in a particular area of the curriculum, or have a talent that exceeds expectation of their age will be provided with a pupil passport with targets that are set to stretch and challenge. They should offer opportunities outside of the national curriculum.


Gifted children may excel in English, Maths or Science whereas talented children will excel in sports or the arts. The children may have opportunities to participate in events in their area of strength. These children will be known as G&T and will be added to the Gifted and Talented register which is reviewed termly.


English as an Additional Language


St Thomas More has a high proportion of children with English as an Additional Language. To meet the needs of these EAL children the school has an EAL support worker who supports children in and outside of the classroom. From children entering reception to the in year admissions, our support looks at vocabulary and routines that will help EAL children feel included in the life of the school and allow them to access the curriculum at their level.


Children with disabilities


To provide a basis for successful learning, our school believes in the principles of equality, self-respect and respect for others whilst providing a broad, balanced education in a supportive environment.


We operate an Equal Opportunities Policy for all pupils ensuring all staff have an awareness of pupils with disabilities (e.g. language impairment, physical disability, visual or hearing impairment) and their individual needs. All our children are given equal opportunities to develop academically, socially, emotionally and physically with their successes shared and celebrated with the school.


The school buildings are on a single level and most entrances are accessible to wheelchairs. Provisions have been made to meet the needs of all children and the school work with a variety of outside agencies to make sure all children are safe and able to access the school. We endeavour to assist access for pupils with disabilities on an individual basis but will ensure that they are not discriminated against in any way.


In line with the requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 and the Special Educational Needs and Disability Act 2001, the school has an Accessibility Plan in place.