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St Thomas More Catholic Primary School

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Chaplaincy Team

Chaplaincy Commissioning Mass

On Wednesday 13th November our Chaplaincy Team went to Clifton Cathedral to be commissioned  and welcomed by Bishop Declan. We were able to meet other Chaplaincy Teams and find out why they wanted to be part of the their schools Chaplaincy Team. We received our badges and will wear them with pride.

Our New Chaplaincy Team (2019)

Chaplaincy Training Day




Our school Chaplaincy Team had some chaplaincy training, led by Ann Fowler. We met children from three chaplaincy teams: St Gregory’s, St Edwards and St Catherines. We thought about the problems in our world and our schools. After reading lots of information, we created a poster. Also, we learnt about how we can change the world. We can make a difference!


Then, we read a letter from Bishop Declan asking us to look at the Corporal Acts of Mercy, looking at what we can do locally and in the wider world. We made an action plan to guide us in the next 12 months. We are going to focus on  the corporal act of visiting the sick.


“It was a very fun day. It taught me a lot about how chaplaincy are supposed to behave,” said Fallon Y6

“I learnt how to communicate well with other chaplaincy teams,” said Ruby Y5

“It was very interesting. I have learnt lots,” said Robyn Y6.

Advent Reflective Areas


Chaplaincy team have designed reflective areas for each class. We hope all the children like them. We have used the liturgical purple cloth for Advent. We had to include questions to make the children think and interact with the reflective area. We also included a Bible to read to help the children know the meaning of the stories they are reading in RE. We carefully picked images to include in the reflective area.

How We Elect Our Chaplaincy Team


At the start of every new academic year the children in Years 4, 5 and 6 are invited to apply to be a member of the Chaplaincy Team. The children write a letter to the existing Chaplaincy Team explaining why they would like to join. Once chosen the children will be announced during a Collective Worship. The experienced members will then help train the new members.


Roles and Responsibilities


Currently the Chaplaincy Team have a responsibility to plan and lead a gospel assembly once a week. They also meet on a Monday to work on key areas of chaplaincy through leaders of faith, communion, prayer and community. They are beginning to plan reflective areas and complete learning walks of the reflective areas.


News and Events


We were joined at Clifton Cathedral in Bristol by lots of children from other schools.  We were there so that the new chaplaincy members could be commissioned and receive their badges. This year was particularly special as St Thomas More were chosen to lead everyone in the singing.


“It was a fantastic experience,” said Joe in Y6.