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St Thomas More Catholic Primary School

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About the Nursery

2 Year Old Room


In this room the focus is very much on exploration. Children at this age are naturally curious, they like to explore using all of their senses.  This is why in this room you will see less table top activities and more tactile play taking place with children (and practitioners) using their hands and feet to explore activities such as shaving foam, jelly and oats.


At this age, children need time and space to make sense of their play, this is why you will see the room is arranged to allow for large areas of floor space where children can spread out and be comfortable. Routines are less rigid and children are given time to explore all aspects of an activity. We don’t limit the fun to indoors, our 2 year olds are given daily access to our outdoor areas. 


Wherever possible we try to operate free-flow where the doors into the garden are open and children can make the choice of which environment they want to play in and move between indoors and outdoors as they wish.


 Pre-School Room


In this room children are still learning through play. The majority of a session will be made up of free-play time and the room and furniture is arranged so that children can access the toys and equipment they wish to play with themselves. There is a focus on becoming independent for example accessing own activities and making own choices.


Children in this room are regularly consulted about decisions that affect them for example what they would like for snack or any new equipment we may be ordering.  Just like in the 2’s room they have daily access to the outdoor environment and operate free-flow whenever possible.  We encourage children to take risks within a safe environment to challenge themselves for example attempting something new with adult support. In this room we will make time for group time where children can sit together in their key groups and listen to one another and try a new activity planned by their key carer who knows them well. This introduces the children to new ideas and allows them to try new things for example taking on a role in acting out a favourite story.



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