Year 1 – Joshua and Ruth

Welcome to Year 1 2017.


We hope you had a wonderful summer holiday. In Joshua class this year your teacher will be Miss Weller and your teaching assistants will be Mrs Pierce and Miss Hodges. In Ruth class your teacher is Miss Copson and your teaching assistant is Mrs D’Gama.


Please click Year 1   to read our class newsletter for this autumn term 2017. In this newsletter you will learn all about our new class name, the learning we will be focusing on this term, routines and reminders for homework and spelling plus important dates for your diary. Keep checking back for some more new learning as we progress this term.

Year 1

Sea Life Centre

We were so lucky last week. Year 1 got to go on not one, but two trips! We had the most amazing time at Birmingham Sea Life Centre. We learnt about lots about different sea creatures, and now have some great ideas about which ones to include in our own ocean habitats that we are currently making. Watch this space!


Physical Education

Today was so much fun! We played our first ball game.

Jake said “It was great!”

Ashley said “We had so much fun!”

Leah even said “I cannot wait to do it again!”

Year 1 got very competitive and showed great team spirit by encouraging each other. Well done Year 1.

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Forest School

Last week Year 1 had lots of fun exploring our new forest school. We enjoyed finding lots of different things including a birds nest, mini beasts and even a hedgehog house. We even experimented to see if leaves and stones floated or sunk in our pond. We cannot wait to explore some more!


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Autumn Term 1 and 2

Wow, what a busy term we have had so far! Year 1 have had lots of fun across the curriculum.

During Autumn Term 1 we wrote our own non-chronological reports about lions to link with our theme. We loved learning about lions and having a go at sharing our new knowledge through our own writing. Now we have moved onto writing our own traditional tales. We hope to make them into a book, so the other children at St Thomas More will be able to read our exciting new stories. To help us with our writing we have had the opportunity to practice writing sentences each morning in our outdoor area using chalk. We really enjoy doing this and being able to learn both outside and inside the classroom.

We have been learning all about addition in Maths recently and now know how to use number lines to help us count on and even find missing numbers!

Our theme work has been most exciting. We have been learning about different animals and their habitats. We now know all about food chains, carnivores, omnivores and herbivores. We have also learnt why certain animals only live in certain habitats.

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Themed Learning in Year 1

This Autumn Term our theme is The Lion King. We are going to be learning about different animals and their habitats. We will also be writing our own non-chronological reports about an exotic animal, alongside learning about lots of other exciting things. 

Slimbridge Wetland Centre

We had a very exciting visit to Slimbridge Wetland Centre as part of our theme ‘A Tiny Seed’.  We saw lots of different birds and plants.  We learned that all birds make a different noise – we ever heard a bird that mooed like a cow!  We loved being able to feed the birds.  We learnt lots of interesting facts about plants that grow in a Wetland. 
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While we were there we were asked if some of us would like to be on the ITV News on the television.  We were very excited at this idea!  5 of us were chosen to jump in puddles to advertise the Slimbridge Puddle Jumping Competition.  This was shown on the ITV news!
“It was so fun! I was a superstar” – Madeleine
“It was very funny when we got soaking wet” – Kiera
“I was happy to be on the television” – Harry
“I enjoyed it” – Jayden
“It was fun because we were all jumping in puddles together and we all had great fun!” – Declan
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Nature Detectives

We have been Nature Detectives!  We went outside with a leaf and twig identification sheet to help us find and name different trees.  We used a magnifying glass to help us have a closer look.  We loved being able to name which trees the leaves and twigs came from.


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A Tiny Seed – Terms 3 and 4

Our new theme is based around the book ‘A Tiny Seed’ by Eric Carle.

We will learning about plants, how they grow and what they need.  We will be learning about the parts of a plant and the seasons  To start our theme we have planted 5 different types of bulbs.  We are very interested to see how the flowers grow.

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Our Great Fire

To end our theme of ‘The Great Fire of London’ we created our very own great fire! We all made a Tudor house out of a cereal box and strips of black card – that way we knew all of the materials were safe!  We had a long talk about fire safety and looked at a fire extinguisher.  Miss Copson made a pile of our houses and set fire to them using a match.  We were surprised at how quickly the fire spread – just like the Great Fire of London.   We loved watching the Great Fire and it is something we will never forget!

“I felt very safe.”

“We weren’t allowed past the yellow line.  This was to keep us safe.”

“It was so much fun watching our houses burn!”

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Our homework project

For our homework, Miss Copson set us a challenge of making our very own Tudor Houses.  We amazed her with how hard we tried and all of the effort we put into our creations.  Miss Copson is very proud of all of us.

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Visit from the Fire Service

We have been lucky enough to have a visit from two real fire fighters! We told them all of the facts we have learnt about The Great Fire of London – we amazed them with what we know! We learnt lots about fire safety and how to stay safe.

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Remembrance Day

We have been remembering the soldiers who have died in the wars.  The soldiers were brave and showed courage.  We respect the soldiers by wearing a poppy and doing a 2 minute silence.  We are thankful to the soldiers because they have done good work for us.

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End of Term 1

We have been working very hard this term and are very proud to have filled our Marble Jar.  For our treat day we decided to dress up in fiery clothes to link with our theme.  Here we are in our red, orange and yellow clothes!

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Our Outdoor Area

This term we have a brand new outdoor area – we love it!  We have been delighting in God’s world by watching all of the wildlife in our field.  We have been finding squirrels, caterpillars and cats playing outside.  We love learning outside as well as in our classroom!

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In ICT we have been creating PowerPoints about The Great Fire of London.  We have been typing lots of facts about how the fire started, where it started and why it spread so fast.  We have also been using an app on the Learn Pads to draw pictures of The Great Fire.  We love learning in ICT!

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My Lost Teddy

We have been reading lots of stories about lost teddies.  Our favourites are ‘Knuffle Bunny’ by Mo Willems and ‘Dogger’ by Shirley Hughes.  We then planned and wrote our own stories about losing our favourite teddy.  We have been using capitals letters, full stops and finger spaces.  We have even used joining words and WOW words!

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The Door

We have read an extract of a story about a mystery door.  We then went on a walk around the school to try to find the door.  We found the door on the oak tree! We wrote down what we thought was behind the door.  We think there are mini-beasts having a party in there!

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Year 1 theme – Terms 1 and 2 2015

Samuel Pepys’s Diary

Our theme this term is The Great Fire of London. We will be learning how and where the fire started, when it started, how long it lasted and why it spread. We will be creating our own models of a Tudor House and recreating our own Great Fire! We will be using historical sources to find out about the fire and geographical skills to find London on a map. We will also be finding similarities and differences between Old London and New London.  We will also be finding similarities and differences between London and


Year 1 theme – Term 5 and 6 2015

… The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch


[dmalbum path=”/wp-content/uploads/dm-albums/year 1 lighthouse keeper 2015/”/]

We are learning about ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch’.  We have been learning about what lighthouses are used for and where they are found.  We have been doing lots of comprehension work on the story and have written our own book reviews.  Mr Grinling, from the story, has written us a letter and sent us a present! It is a lighthouse – we love it!

“My favourite part of the story is when the seagulls eat the lunch!” – Peter

“A lighthouse helps ships and boats.  It stops them crashing into the rocks” – Tabitha

“A lighthouse keeper turns the light on when it gets dark” – Riley



[dmalbum path=”/wp-content/uploads/dm-albums/year 1 caterpillars 2015/”/]

We are very lucky in Year 1! We have our very own class caterpillars.  Our caterpillars will grow and grow until they turn into Painted Lady butterflies.  They have arrived in the post in a little pot with air holes and some special food.  They will stay in there until they form chrysalides and they will then turn into butterflies.  Skye asked, “How do they eat? Do they need water?”

“They are so little” – Poppi

“They’ll be colourful soon” – Jayden

“They are so cute” – Harley

“They are minute!” – Tabitha



[dmalbum path=”/wp-content/uploads/dm-albums/year 1 learnpads 2015/”/]

Year 1 have been doing some super work on the Learnpads. They can now scan a QR code to load the apps they need. Look at our wonderful lighthouses!


STM Nursery and Pre-school Build

[dmalbum path=”/wp-content/uploads/dm-albums/year 1 builders 2015/”/

Year 1 have been getting excited while watching the new nursery being built around them.


More Able Science Day

[dmalbum path=”/wp-content/uploads/dm-albums/Year 1 science day 2015/”/]

We had a brilliant day at the More Able Science day! We learnt lots of facts about mini-beasts.  Our favourite fact is that flies lay their eggs on poo and then maggots grow!


Year 1 theme – Term 3 and 4 2015

… Let it grow


year 1 door


Our new theme in Year 1 is ‘Let It Grow!’.  We will be naming plants, flowers and trees and looking at their different parts.  We will be learning what plants need to grow healthy and even growing our own beans and sunflowers. 
Already, we have been brilliant Nature Detectives!  We looked around the school grounds and collected lots of leaves and twigs.  We use an identification sheet to find out which trees the leaves and twigs had come from.  We had great fun and learnt lots of new names!

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Growing Beans

We have been growing beans.  We put soil and a bean in a pot and then watered it.  We water them every day to keep them healthy.  We check our beans every day and we are very excited about how fast they are growing!  Our beans need air, water, soil and sunlight to grow.

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Year 1 Parables Liturgy

We have performed our Liturgy about the Parables of Jesus.  We have learnt lots of stories such as ‘The Lost Sheep’, ‘The Good Samaritan’ and ‘The Calming of the Storm’.  We have enjoyed acting the stories out and telling people about the meanings of the stories.

“I liked being Jesus.” – Jayden

“I liked telling people about the green cloth.  We use a green in ordinary time.” – Rachel

“I liked being the shepherd in the story of The Lost Sheep.” – Peter

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We loved using the learn pads.  We have been writing about our beans and what plants need to grow! We typed the letters and used the space bar for finger spaces.

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We will remember…

Y1 have made a super model of the Tower of London for Remembrance Day. Lewis and Riley in Y1 say, ’We made poppies to help us remember the soldiers who died in the war. We think our model is fantastic. We have prayed for the soldiers.’

year 1 poppy

Year 1 theme – Term 3 and 4 2014

…Animal Kingdom!



In Year 1 our theme is Animal Kingdom.  So far we have looked at the different types of animals.  These are mammals, birds, fish, reptiles and anphibians.  We were very suprised to find out we were animals!  We have also been looking at what different animals eat and sorting them into carnivores, herbivores and omnivores.  We have been learning lots of new words!

In RE we have been learning about Revelations and we have loved listening to the parables Jesus told.  We performed our Liturgy all about the parables of Jesus.  We are really enjoying this unit and learning lots of lessons through the stories.


Year 1 theme – Term 1 and 2




Year 1 themed door


November 2013

In Year 1 we have been learning about pirates.  We find this very exciting.  Pirate Pete, a pirate from the North Sea, wrote us a letter asking us to describe Cheltenham and we all wrote him letters back.  We hope he replies to our letters soon!

[dmalbum path=”/wp-content/uploads/dm-albums/Pirate letters/”/]

In RE we have been learning about All Saints and All Souls;  we wrote our own prayers for our display.

[dmalbum path=”/wp-content/uploads/dm-albums/Remembrance prayers/”/]

“I love learning about pirates” – Miley
“I have been using lots of WOW words in my writing” – Summer W
“I just love counting in maths” – James