Wider Horizons Mentoring Programme

Wider Horizons brings together students and volunteers from local organisations in a collaboration that will open doors to the workplace. The project bridges the transition between St Thomas More Catholic Primary School and All Saints’ Academy by targeting students in Years Six, Seven and Eight. Mentors from several organisations offer thirty minutes of mentoring to students fortnightly in order to motivate, support and inspire. In addition, each organisation will offer workplace experiences that will make working environments attractive and fun.

Wider Horizons is a valuable way to help the transition between Year 6 and Year 7. Furthermore, it enables the mentees the opportunity to talk to their mentors about any concerns, whether this be SATS, transition, friendships or anything else.

Here are some photos of the work experience day last years mentees had at UCAS. It was great fun!



To find out more about the partnership between St Thomas More Catholic Primary School, All Saints Academy and the mentoring programme please click Wider Horizons Brief

Here are some quotes from our Y6 Mentees when we conferenced them! (January 2018)

What do you enjoy about mentoring?

I like that we do different activities each week – my mentor brings games for us to play.

I like that I have something to do in the morning instead of watching TV at home.

I like how we can talk about our personal life and its about us and the all the attention is on us and no one else.

I like playing games and things.

I like if you’re stuck you can talk about it and they can help us.

I like how if you’re sad they will cheer you like. Like if you’re having a bad start to the day they’ll cheer you up so you have a good day.

They can give advice to us and we can give advice to them.

I like the different activities with them.