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St Thomas More Catholic Primary School

Inspiration, Celebration and Education

What is the School Good at?

  • Being able to talk and feel comfortable if any problem
  • Making the children happy
  • Very good teaching staff
  • Helping children attain a level of standard
  • Teaching moral values
  • The school has helped both my children build their confidence in all areas of their lives
  • Communication was poor but has improved massively
  • Informing Parents about what is happening at the school
  • Encouraging my children to achieve their potential
  • Keeping Parents updated on how children are doing
  • The teachers are very helpful and supportive
  • The give more importance to moral values
  • Care and looking after the child
  • Very good with learning
  • Understanding of different personality and learning styles
  • It has a range of extra curricular activities
  • Children are well looked after in class
  • Teaching
  • Bringing out the best in the children
  • It is approachable if you need to ask any questions
  • Supporting with any issues
  • Listening to your views and providing good education
  • Very good at challenging the children and realising each child’s potential
  • Small community so child can be more known by teacher, provided teachers do not change!
  • My child is happy and well supported
  • 2 out of 3 of my children love coming to school.
  • They are happy and doing well
  • Involving the local community & inviting people from outside to school to give talks to the children
  • Welcoming new students
  • Being a small school, teacher can know children better
  • Dealing with any issues I have or my child has
  • Allowing the older children to interact with the younger ones
  • Teaching especially in Maths & English
  • Good at out of school activities(i.e. fete, movie nights etc.)
  • Good at reassuring parents when their child is unsettled when leaving them.
  • They are happy to listen to my worries
  • Keeping my children happy
  • Mrs Davis and the team of teachers in her class has really helped on Evelyn’s speech
  • Supporting my child with her achievements
  • Rewarding good behaviour
  • Teaching each child as an individual
  • Very approachable if needed
  • Recognises any child’s weaknesses
  • Keeping me informed of my child’s progress and how well his learning is developing. I think this is very important
  • Understanding the children and their needs
  • Learning and allowing the children to do their best and be themselves
  • Good structure with work and keeping on top of bullying within class
  • Very good at keeping parents informed and up to date with everything
  • Encouraging my children to do well and making sure they are safe and happy
  • Fantastic at communicating with myself with regards to my children
  • Strong sense of care and support for my children and a great concern for their welfare
  • Rewarding good behaviour
  • Treats each child as an individual
  • Very approachable if needed
  • Recognises any child’s weaknesses
  • Communication between parents and school
  • Communicates with parents by Text/Newsletter
  • Good communication
  • Liked it when teacher text us if they have been well behaves and have been good at school
  • Setting homework and making sure they get help
  • Sorting out problems
  • Keeping me informed of what’s going on