SEN Local Offer


St Thomas More Catholic Primary School is committed to Inclusion.

Details of the School Offer (what support to expect for your child from school) and Gloucestershire’s Local Offer (what support you /school can expect from our local authority) can be found below.


St Thomas More Catholic Primary School – School Offer

What is the School Offer?

The School Offer is to share information with parents/carers of children who have Special Educational Needs or Disabilities (SEND) and all those who support children with additional needs. This information outlines the support and provision they can expect to receive, if they choose St ThomasMoreCatholicPrimary School for their children.


How are SEND defined at St Thomas More Catholic Primary School?

Pupil Passport – If your child has different needs to the majority of his/her peers they will have a pupil passport. The Pupil Passport will include the child’s individual information as well as an opportunity for the child’s thoughts about their needs and support. They will also be set targets that are specific to their needs and these will be shared with parents and monitored on a half term basis. Pupil Passport children will receive extra intervention to support them to achieve their age related expectation e.g. Literacy/Numeracy. They may be supported within a small group within the lesson or in a small group or a one to one basis outside of the classroom.

My Plan Plus (+) – If your child has had an outside agency working with them e.g. the Educational Psychologist or an advisory teacher or their needs have become significantly greater, they will have a My Plan +. They may also be receiving extra intervention to support them to achieve their expected level e.g. Literacy / Numeracy and support in a small group within the lesson or support in a small group / on a one to one basis outside of the classroom. These children will have target set by a team around the child and will be reviewed more regularly than the Pupil Passport.

Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) – previously known as Statement of SEN – This is a multi-agency plan. Your child has been identified as having needs that require extra support to enable them to access the curriculum. They will be entitled to additional adult support with learning and a high level of differentiation from their class teacher.


What can I expect if I send my child to St Thomas More Catholic Primary School?

A thematic approach to learning which, with the identified support for additional needs, will help to maximize my child’s learning.


How does the school organise support for children with SEND?

At St Thomas More, it is the Inclusion Manager that co-ordinates all relevant support for children with SEND. This includes additional adult support, interventions, tracking and collaboration with outside agencies.


What happens if my child has a high level of need?

The Inclusion Manager will be involved with your child from the start to make sure that they have the necessary support in place. Your child will be monitored regularly and support adjusted where necessary. Relevant assessments will be carried out and intervention applied where needed. If your child has an Education, Health and Social Care Plan, they will receive visits from the appropriate outside agency. Class teachers are involved throughout any consultation processes and so advised of any adjustments of support that may need to take place in / out of the classroom so that your child can access the curriculum at their level. They may be entitled to additional adult support either in or out of the classroom.


Who offers support for children with SEND?

Support can be provided by the Class teacher, the Inclusion Manager, Class Teaching Assistant, Intervention Teaching Assistant, Child and Family Action Worker (CAFAW), or voluntary parent helper.


How do we assess children with SEND and monitor their progress?

We track the progress of all children using the school tracking system. We also track levels of reading and spelling progress, use informal and formal assessments, observations, SATs data and phonics testing. The children’s progress is monitored by the Head teacher and class teacher along with the progress of all pupils. In addition to this the Inclusion Manager holds pupil progress meetings termly to look at progress made and possible interventions that maybe required. All Pupil passports are review half termly with Inclusion Manger, Class Teacher and any additional support and new targets set if necessary. My Plan’s are reviewed by the Inclusion Manager on a more regular basis and targets are reviewed and reset at Team Around the Child meetings (TAC).


What would my child expect to receive if they are in receipt of Free School Meals, in a service family or are in Local Authority care?

All schools receive additional funding for students in any of the above three categories. This is called Pupil Premium. This funding is issued to try to help these students reach their full potential.  Please refer to the Pupil Premium Policy and impact reports on the school’s website.