School Rules

Rules, Rewards and Consequences

Positive behaviour will be encouraged and unacceptable behaviour discouraged through the implementation of a system of clearly defined and simple to understand rules, rewards and consequence.


‘Golden Rules’

At St Thomas More Catholic Primary School we have certain basic rules, known as our ‘Golden Rules’ that apply to all pupils throughout the school.  These ‘Golden Rules’ outline the expectations we have for the behaviour and attitude of all pupils in school.  The rules are displayed prominently in every classroom and shared area.  Pupils are referred to the rules when they are disciplined so that they are clear as to why their behaviour is unacceptable.

  • Listen carefully and be polite at all times.  Do not call out or answer back.  Remember the words:  Please, thank you and sorry.
  • Always try your best and take pride in your work.
  • Do your work quietly and let others do theirs.
  • Be kind to others and never hurt anybody.  Keep unkind comments to yourself.
  • Look after your own and other people’s belongings and respect your school’s property.
  • Walk in the school building.



Children will be rewarded for following the rules.  The rewards may apply to the individual child, the whole class or key stage.  Rewards are recognised and celebrated with the whole school community and they are a vital part of the values system.  They teach children to be well behaved, show respect, build confidence and help all pupils work towards a common goal.



We are delighted to say the most of our pupils concentrate upon behaving positively, receiving praise for good behaviour and recognition through the rewards system.  However any pupil demonstrating unacceptable behaviour and not following the rules must realise there are consequences for their actions.

Poor behaviour will be dealt with using a system of informal and formal consequences, which will be applied in a consistent and fair manner.

Early stages of the system of consequences (warnings and detentions) vary from Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 2.

Incidences of serious misbehaviour will be treated on an individual basis and dealt with through one of the further steps:  parent meeting, lunchtime/temporary/permanent exclusion.  These steps will be put in place at the discretion of the Head Teacher and Senior Management Team.



Our school does not condone bullying in any form as all our pupils have the right to feel safe and secure.  No child should be made to feel threatened, uncomfortable or subjected to physical aggression.  Bullying can take a number of forms including name calling, threats and physical harassment.

Staff members are approachable and sympathetic to the concerns and feelings of pupils and parents.  If a child feels that they are being bullied, then they or their parents/carer should speak to a member of staff immediately.  Children are encouraged to speak to an adult if they have any worries.

Any bullying incidents will be dealt with in accordance to the Values Policy.