School Policies & Procedures

School Policies

St. Thomas More Catholic Primary School has a range of policies which govern large parts of the way in which the school is managed. All policies are scheduled for review at appropriate intervals and all are ratified by the governing body.

Parents, please click here to review our draft Relationship Sex Education policy and provide any feedback in writing to Mrs Tippen by Friday 10th November.

The following policies are considered to be those of relevance to parents whose child/children either already attend the school, or who are considering applying for their child/children to do so.

Click on Accessibility policy and plan to download.

For further information relating to our Admissions Policy please visit our Admissions page or please click here.

Click on Aggressive Behaviour Policy  to download.

Click on Anti-Bullying and Hate Policy  to download policy.

Click on   Attendance Policy  to download policy.

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Click on Relationship and Sex Education Policy  to download policy.

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Click on  Spirituality and Collective Worship Policy to download policy.

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Click on Whistleblowing Policy to download.

A comprehensive list of all other policies is available from the school office.

Home-School Agreement

At the start of each academic year, you will be asked to sign a Home-School Agreement.

This agreement is a three way contract between the school, yourself as your child’s guardian and your child.  It outlines the responsibilities that all three parties have and the way they will work together for the educational, spiritual and emotional benefit of your child whilst they are a pupil at St Thomas More Catholic Primary School.

A copy of the Home-School Agreement is available for you to view Home School Agreement

Absence in term time

The Government has set a target of 95% minimum attendance for every child each academic year, amounting to 180 days school attendance out of the 190 days that the school is open. This includes absences for sickness.

Parents do not have the right to take children out of school for a holiday during term time.  As from 1st September 2013, in accordance with amendments to The Education Regulations 2006, term time holidays will not be authorised by the Head Teacher and holidays taken within term time will be classed as an unauthorised absence.  Unauthorised absence could result in a penalty notice being issued by the Education Entitlement and Inclusion team of the Local Authority. This could be up to £1000 per child.