School Attendance

Children are expected to attend school each week day during term time. It is the school’s policy to telephone parents whose children are absent from school (without explanation) on the first morning of their absence.

If your child is unwell, has a medical appointment or is absent from school for another reason, you are asked to contact the school by 9.15 a.m. to let us know.  On returning to school, following an absence, pupils are required to hand in an explanatory letter signed by their parent(s)/carer.

Pupils are asked to inform their class teacher, in advance, of any medical or dental appointments that requires the child to be absent during school hours.  A child who needs to leave school for such appointments must be collected from the school reception and we ask that wherever possible, they are registered and then taken to their appointment.

Any unauthorised absence will be recorded on their attendance record. If a child’s attendance becomes a cause for concern, the case will be referred to the school’s Attendance Officer who works closely with the intervention team at the local authority.

Our school day starts at 8.45 a.m. for early bird activities. The bell goes at 8.55 am and the gate is closed for lessons to begin. It is important that pupils arrive on time. Any child arriving after 9.00 am will have a late mark (showing as an unauthorised absence) recorded on their attendance record.

We would ask parents to avoid booking holidays during term time, the impact of extended absence upon a child’s progress is clear. In line with amendments to the Education Act 2013, no term-time holidays will be allowed to be authorised by the head teacher.