Providing Quality Education

As a Catholic school, our faith is at the heart of all we do.  Our children learn to listen, think critically, spiritually and theologically and make informed judgements.  As they grow, our pupils develop appropriate attitudes such as respect for the truth and views of others, moral responsibilities and responses to the challenges of living in a multicultural, multi-faith society.

St Thomas More operates a policy of inclusion for all and we aim to make our curriculum interactive, fun and relevant to the children.  We use teaching methods appropriate to the purpose, which may be whole class teaching, group work or working with individuals.

Our creative curriculum, based on the use of themes, allows great flexibility and focus in linking together core subjects such as literacy, numeracy and science.  We also believe that providing a context for these subjects makes learning more exciting and engaging.  All themes are packed with hands on activities to provide the “wow factor” and bring the subject matter alive for the children; this helps them understand the subject’s practical use in real life.

We aim to ensure our children achieve at the very highest level.  Combining our creative approach with a clear focus upon teaching core skills of literacy and numeracy, gives your child the very best opportunity.

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