Parents’ Evening/Structured conversations

As a parent or carer with a child or children attending St Thomas More Catholic Primary School, you are already aware that we have made many significant changes to the way things are done at our school.

The majority of schools  hold traditional parents evenings, where you have five or ten minutes with your child’s class teacher, two or three times a year.  This rarely gives the teacher and parents/carers time to go into enough detail, educationally or socially, in terms of their child to define what the next steps are.

However, we have listened to our parents/carers’ requests to know about their child’s/children’s progress and we are pleased to announce another development in our partnership with our pupils’ parents.

Since 19th March 2012, we have changed the way we engage and involve parents in the progress of their children.  We now follow the methodology of Achievement for All (AFA).  This is a set format formally recorded and is a nationally recognised process.

This means that for each parent and carer, they will have structured conversations lasting between 20 and 30 minutes with their child’s class teacher, at a time during the school day convenient to them.  This conversation will allow the parents and teacher to go into detail about progress and how the school and home work in a meaningful partnership to take responsibility for the child’s progress together.  This allows us to involve parents in a deeper understanding of how we measure progress and to set targets which we can review at the next meeting.