Our Teaching Staff

In order for St Thomas More Catholic Primary School to offer our pupils the best possible education, we rely on the combined skills, hard work and dedication of our Senior Leadership Team, Teachers and Teaching Assistants, Governors, Administrators and Support Staff.

Academic Year 2018/2019

Senior Leadership Team

Mrs N Tippen- Head Teacher/ Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL)

Mr S Marshall- Deputy Head Teacher

Mrs J Robbins- Lead Practitioner/ Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL)


Mrs S Gray- SENDCo

Teaching Staff and Support Staff

Mrs R Davis- EYFS Lead/ Reception Teacher

Mrs H Hope                           Reception Teaching Assistant

Miss E Fisk                            Year 1 Teacher

Mrs R D’Gama                       Year 1 Teaching Assistant

Mrs K Cook                            Year 2 Teacher

Mr J Holmes                         Year 2 Teacher

Mrs E Dooner                       Year 2 Teaching Assistant/ Breakfast Club/ Cleaner

Mrs J Pearce                          Year 2 Teaching Assistant


Miss N Copson                      Year 3 Teacher

Mrs S Carr                             Year 3 Teaching Assistant

Mrs B Watts                          Year 3 1:1 Teaching Assistant

Mrs M Wilson                       Year 4 Teacher

Mrs K Reilly                          Year 4 Teaching Assistant

Mr O Ryder                           Year 5 Teacher

Mrs C Johnson                      Year 5 Teaching Assistant

Mrs R Hibell                         Year 6 Teacher

Mrs S Pollard                        Year 6 Teaching Assistant/ EAL

Mrs E Wilson                        Year 6 Teaching Assistant

Mrs C Tyler                           Children and Family Action Worker (CAFAW)


Admin and Site Staff

Mrs D Hackett                    Finance Manager

Mrs J McNamara               Administrator

Mrs S Cerikan                    Attendance Officer/ Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs J Radnidge                 Breakfast Club/ MDSA/ Cleaner

Mrs R Lewis                        Breakfast Club/ MDSA

Mrs J Hart                           MDSA

Ms K Biggins                       MDSA