Celebration Assemblies

Every Friday, we celebrate the Superstars within our school with CELEBRATION ASSEMBLY!


3 children in each class are awarded a special certificate from their class teacher. One certificate is for being an INSPIRATION, one certificate is for achievement within EDUCATION and one certificate is simply a CELBRATION of something super. Every certificate awarded also comes with a special Headteacher’s Award sticker, too.


The Midday Supervisors also choose a Lunchtime Superstar each. This is someone who have behaved exceptionally during lunchtimes for the week.


We also celebrate attendance during these Assemblies. Classes learn their percentage attendance for the previous week and the Attendance Cup is handed over to the winning class. 5 minutes extra play is awarded to the successful class, too. We recognise the importance of coming to school at St ThomasMoreCatholicPrimary School and we love it!


We strongly urge all parents to allow their child/children to participate in all the religious events that form part of our Gospel teaching at the school.  However if parents exercise their rights to withdraw their child from religious education lessons they will complete work of a spiritual, moral and social nature under the supervision of a teaching assistant.

celebration assembly

‘Sarah, James and Ada-Lily from Y3 are proud to receive their Celebration, Inspiration and Education Certificates during Celebration Assembly. 3 children from each class get a certificate every week!’