Cave Art

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Y3 have been learning about Cave Paintings as part of their Littlenose theme.

Most cave paintings were of animals (like bison, horses and deer) or hunters. Animals were usually in more detail; men were usually like stick men! They used natural colours by crushing up mineral pigments.

What types of colours can you see?

Why do you think you can’t see every colour of the rainbow?

Some of the most impressive cave paintings have only been found in the last 100 years. There could be more we don’t even know about!

In 1940, a group of children found the Lascaux Palaeolithic Cave Paintings. How would you feel if you found some 20, 000 year old art?

Although Y3 have used charcoal, which is a mineral that may have actually have been used, we didn’t mix it with spit or animal fat! We will be displaying them, next. Watch this space!