On Wednesday 17th January we had a whole school Art Day!

Throughout the day each class explored lots of different Art styles and looked at famous Artists who used these styles in their work!

We looked at pointillism and used cotton buds to create the little dots of colour onto our pages to create a large piece of art work made completely from dots. We looked at some of Vincent Van Gogh’s work and George Seurat and zoomed in really close to see each of the tiny dots used to make the picture!

We also looked at Pop Art and Andy Warhol who made this type of Art very famous with his picture of Marilyn Monroe.
Ks2 made their own Pop Art portraits whilst Ks1 made their own Pop words using vibrant colours!
Maryla in Year 1 (Joshua Class) said, “I loved the bright colours!”
And Maisie (Year 1 Joshua) said, “I really loved the Pop Art!”
We also explored Surrealism and Impressionism styles of Art. We looked at Vincent Van Gogh and his picture ‘Starry Night’ and created our own versions of these.
Some of our Art work will be displayed around a school! We hope you enjoy looking at what we have done when you are next here!

“I liked today because we could be really creative and its different to any other day!” said Ellie – Year 6

“It was very fun learning about different styles of art,” said Oscar – Year 6.

“I liked the way it has linked to our English but in a more enjoyable way,”, said Isabel – Year 6.

“Its taught me different art styles that different people used over many years,” said Shafwan – Year 6.